spot welding

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creating an overlapping joint by welding at small points


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Complete report on spot welding machine market spread across 154 pages, providing analysis of 18 major companies and supported with 200+ tables and figures is now available at http://www.
Realize also that unlike spot welding, only one-sided access is needed for laser welding, and unlike arc welding, the actual laser equipment can be a considerable distance away from the work area, so otherwise inaccessible areas can be readily reached because the work is being done by a beam of light, not a physical tool.
Taking this scenario into account, a relatively new technology, friction spot welding (FSpW) comes as an alternative to overcome these issues.
It can also improve the technical characteristics of the contact electrodes for resistance spot welding in the sense for increasing the hardness of active parts for increase their liferespectively reducing the intermediate processing times or them changing from the welding machine.
For spot welding case these dimensions and therefore the allowable stress depends on welding process parameters.
of Missouri-Rolla), Mahoney (independent consultant, physical metallurgy) and Lienert (technical staff member, Los Alamos National Laboratory) have collected research papers on such topics as energy generation during friction stir spot welding, corrosion in 2XXX-T8 aluminum alloys, friction taper stud welding of creep resistant 10CrMo910 and post-weld microstructures in FSW HSLA-65.
12 shows the influence of spot welded connections on the deformed shapes, their strength characteristics and distance between the spot welding.
The 20- and 40-kHz, 500W units are designed for spot welding, staking, and inserting.
The Type 9234A self-contained strain sensor from Kistler Instruments can be used on a wide range of manual and automatic machine tools from mechanical presses to riveting, clinching and spot welding equipment Fixed to the machine frame by a single M6 screw, the sensor is easy to install and use, and measures dynamic and quasi-static stresses indirectly.
We identified our electrical box fabricating and spot welding operations as a choke point in our just-in-time operations," explains Chad Fredricks, plant supervisor for Firelake Manufacturing, LLC (Dassel, MN).
1 -- 2 -- color) Student Jon Stains, above, does some spot welding in a shop class at Arroyo Seco Junior High School in Saugus on Wednesday.
Material handling remained the largest application area for robots ordered in 2003, followed by spot welding, arc welding, coating/dispensing, assembly, material removal, and inspection.
Dr Young said: "Over the last four years, the biggest application area for robots has become materials handling rather than spot welding.
Hermann's non-contact/non-wear system is touch-free and wear-free, making this unique technology suitable for a wide variety of applications such as welding, including spot welding and seam welding, bonding multiple layers of different materials, laminating multilayer products, engraving or embossing labels or decorative elements and slitting, die cutting and perforating in both length and cross direction at high speeds.
Tenders are invited for Quotations Are Invited For Supply And Making Of Earth Pits For Spot Welding Machines At Beml, Bangalore Complex