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asexual reproduction by the production and release of spores

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fimicola under the aseptic conditions in the laboratory, all culture plates were supplemented with different carbohydrates to observe the response of mycelial growth, sporulation and to calculate the colony diameters.
anisopliae, it was observed that for the vegetative growth and sporulation parameters, there was no significant difference compared to the control at the concentrations evaluated, with the exception of 1.
After incubating for 6, 12 or 24h, the plastic bags were removed, and the fruit were maintained at the same temperature until typical symptoms and sporulation were observed.
2009) also found lower sporulation under native vegetation of Cerrado, for both sandy soil, similar to that of the present study, and clayey soil.
This finding is further supported by the data from this study, where the red-blue and red LED could affect sporulation and AMF colonization.
After 15 days of incubation at 252C, colony diameter, sporulation, colony characters and pigmentation were recorded.
This bacterium has the ability during its sporulation phase to produce a range of insecticidal toxins against several insects [6].
If the temperature become outside the range in any part of the day then sporulation stops but again resumes growth when the temperature become favorable.
The sporulation medium (Findey and Field) was prepared using 15 grams of NA, 5 grams of D-(+)-Glucose and 0.
The most dominant strain type isolated--representing approximately 40% of all isolates collected between 2007 and 2012--was the NAP1/BI/027 (BI) strain, which has been associated with increased toxin production and sporulation activity in vitro, infection severity, and patient mortality [4, 6-8].
The moist chambers were maintained under indirect natural light, at room temperature (22-25[degrees]C) and examined weekly for three months; those that were positive regarding the presence of plasmodium were observed for a longer period of time, seeking sporulation (Stephenson et al.
In order to maximize the differentiation between survival -- a process mediated primarily by the survival and germination of resting propagules -- and an infectious phase in which secondary sporulation and creation of dispersal propagules may occur in the absence of resting propagules, we developed a water bath inoculation system that would allow for production of dispersal propagules -- in this case, zoospores -- without significant introduction of resting propagules.
On Rhinosporidium seeberi (Wernicke 1903) with special reference to its sporulation and affinities.