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Synonyms for sporting

Synonyms for sporting

according to the rules

Synonyms for sporting

exhibiting or calling for sportsmanship or fair play

involving risk or willingness to take a risk

preoccupied with the pursuit of pleasure and especially games of chance

References in classic literature ?
But besides Flashman, there were three or four other fast, sporting young gentlemen in the Schoolhouse, who considered subscription a matter of duty and necessity; and so, to make their duty come easy to the small boys, quietly secured the allowances in a lump when given out for distribution, and kept them.
The hall was full of boys, and at the head of one of the long tables stood the sporting interest, with a hat before them, in which were the tickets folded up.
Whereupon Flashman makes for the door at once, that Tom and the ticket may not escape, and there keeps watch until the drawing is over and all the boys are gone, except the sporting set of five or six, who stay to compare books, make bets, and so on; Tom, who doesn't choose to move while Flashman is at the door; and East, who stays by his friend, anticipating trouble.
Retailers-Wal-Mart, Target, Dick's Sporting Goods, Sports
The Ecoflag, created by the GSA with the support of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), is flown at sporting events around the world to symbolize the commitment of sporting enthusiasts to preserving the environment.
But in Southern California, year-round sports enthusiasts are waxing their windsurfers, tuning up their mountain bikes, and shelling out big bucks for outdoor sporting equipment.
Since the late nineteenth century, sporting activity has been infused with dramatic, ritualistic practices.
Deals with Foot Locker athletic wear outlets, Wilson sporting goods and Armitron watches are worth about $80,000 each.
Developed in partnership with the Bowl Championship Series, the complete content offering, which includes full-length games, condensed games, preview shows and highlights, is one of the most comprehensive collections of digital downloads ever to be made available online in association with a major sporting event.
population, is revolutionizing the fashion industry and is directly responsible for trends that affect both sexes spanning all age groups from teens to 70-year-olds, according to a survey just published by the Sports Apparel Products Council of the Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association.
com will become the primary Spanish-language sports content destination on the MSN network and provide its users with unprecedented access to Fox Sports en EspaSol and Fox Sports Latin America's year-round lineup of the most important sporting events around the globe.
The network will frequently schedule classic sports programming around major current sporting events to provide fans with a historical context.
affiliated companies that sell travel, hospitality and ticket packages for major sporting and entertainment events worldwide.
and Latin America, their track record covering the biggest and most important sporting events, and their relentless commitment to excellence, objectivity and fairness, the selection committee was Co-Chaired by Luis Vi[+ or -]uales, former editor in chief of Fox Sports en Espa[+ or -]ol The Magazine, and Federico Infante, executive producer of Argentina's Fox Sports Latin America.
It also represents the broadcast rights to many of the world's premier sporting events and has the world's biggest sports archive with more than 200,000 hours of footage.