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the spore-producing individual or phase in the life cycle of a plant having alternation of generations

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gametophyte, herbicides, non-target plants, spore bank, sporophyte
Haploids are sporophytes with the gametophytic chromosome number.
These authors reported that after harvesting of Laminaria hyperborea by trawling, though the young kelps grew up rapidly to replace the mature sporophytes, the epiphytes and holdfast fauna populations took significantly longer to recover.
Sporophyte is differentiated into foot, seta and capsule.
The sporophyte usually consists of a short branched underground shoot (rhizome) with roots and 1-2 mature leaves with a long petiole and a leaf blade divided into two parts: a pinnate photosynthetic portion (trophophore) with fan-shaped lobes, and a spore-bearing portion (sporophore) (Wagner, 1990; Judd et al.
The study of orbicules could be particularly rewarding since they offer a window on several biological issues on the borderline between gametophyte and sporophyte, such as the ratio of sporophytic and gametophytic genetic control in the development of the sporoderm, the function and chemical composition of lipidic fractions of tapetal origin in flowering plants (Piffanelli et al.
The C-Fern life cycle includes a diploid sporophyte phase alternating with a haploid gametophyte phase.
Plant not filamentous, occurring as both gametophyte and sporophyte (gametophytes usually in association with sporophytes).
In vitro cultures of both sporophytes and gametophytes were established, but sporophyte production from gametophytes has thus far only been observed on soil.
This success appears to be due primarily to the moist temperate oceanic climate and relatively low competition from other plants, conditions which favor both gametophyte and sporophyte generations of Equisetum (Page, 1985).
VITTARIA {vye-TARE-ee-uh} Smith 1793 * Shoestring Ferns * [Latin vitta, ribbon or stripe; referring to the linear, string-like leaves of the sporophyte.
Lycophytes and monilophytes are considered to be rare in arid and semi-arid zones (Aldasoro et al, 2004), mainly because of the low efficiency of the stomata of the sporophyte leaf under conditions of water stress (Brodribb and Holbrook, 2004; Brodribb et ah, 2009), and the ephemeral, delicate gametophyte phase, which is relegated to humid habitats (Page 2002; Watkins et al.
It occurs in specialized cells (sporocytes) of the sporophyte (spore producing) generation and yields haploid cells that initiate the gametophyte (gamete-producing) generation.
Plant with sporophyte generation; plant not filamentous or not resembling a liverwort; habitat various.
With the phytochrome system, the spore detects light in the clearings of the forest and the proximity to the soil surface, which thus allows for spores to germinate in favorable conditions for the growth of the gametophyte and sporophyte (Perez-Garcia et al.