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the spore-producing individual or phase in the life cycle of a plant having alternation of generations

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Several different sporophytes were collected in the following two localities.
Generally, the sequence and timing of sporophyte development for each species was similar for each forest age class so data was pooled for each species and peaks of each phenostage were used to better show the phenological development (Fig.
Sporophyte development was assessed by removing three randomly selected specimens from each vial at 14 and 28 days of culture, for a total of 18 specimens for each concentration of Pb[(N[O.
Haploids are sporophytes with the gametophytic chromosome number.
A new approach to kelp mariculture in Chile: production of free-floating sporophyte seedlings from gametophyte cultures of Lessonia trabeculata and Macrocystis pyrifera.
The sporophyte of flowering plants consists of what is generally recognized as "the plant.
Alternatively, the sporophyte offspring of hermaphrodites might benefit from reduced competition in the presence of fewer neighbors because adjacent male gametophyes would produce only sperm.
While recording fern species diversity in 1987, in a forest on sandy-loam soils near the settlement of Quebrada Castillo in the Amuesha community of Siete de Junio, in the Palcazu valley of central Peru at 350 m elevation (Young & Leon 1989), we found two adult sporophyte individuals of Polytaenium cajenense (Desv.
Secondly, the sporophyte (2n) phase of bryophytes remains attached to its gametophyte parent throughout its development to maturity and often past spore release.
In the first method the whole 'head' of the kelp sporophyte is cut off between the bulb at the top of the stipe and the primary blade.
Plants have two generations: sporophyte and gametophyte.
Each species identified was described morphologically using the gametophyte characters (leaf arrangement, midrib, base, apex, margin, cells, and shape) and sporophyte characters (size, shape, texture of capsule and seta, number of teeth).
Sporophyte and gametophyte morphology of Asplenium dareoides (Aspleniaceae, Pteridophyta).