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specialized leaf branch in certain aquatic ferns that encloses the sori or clusters of sporangia

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Several studies have shown a short-term reduction in ECM sporocarp production or in numbers of live fine roots after clear cutting and burning (Pilz and Perry 1984; Herr et al.
The effects of thinning and broadcast burning on sporocarp production of hypogeous fungi.
More recently, a simple technique was developed to produce dried sporocarp inocula which can remain viable for two years (Kannaiyan, 1993).
Clade B includes several species that share the distinctive feature of linear rows of globose sporocarps borne on the petiole and a transverse sporocarp veining; this clade corresponds to Marsilea sect.
Carbon and nitrogen elemental and isotopic patterns in macrofungal sporocarps and trees in semiarid forests of the south-western USA.
Floating aquatic, roots absent; leaves 3, dimorphic, 2 green, sessile, entire, floating and I finely dissected, petiolate, rootlike, submerged; sporocarps chainlike on submerged leaf.
A recent study has reported that the ethylacetate extract of the sporocarps of Phellinus rimosus (Berk.
The objectives of this investigation were to identify the macrofungal (Ascomycetes and Basidiomycetes with sporocarps approximately 1 mm or larger) and true slime mold (Myxomycetes) communities on CWD and to explore relationships between environmental parameters and fungal distribution.
granulatus sporocarps (fruit) confirmed the high nitrogen levels, but found that most was stored in the totally indigestible spores or otherwise protected by the relatively indigestible cell walls of the peridium (outer shell).
villosa, which also has an aquatic habit, pinnae that are clover-like (divided into four equal pinnae), and sori enclosed in hardened sporocarps located at the bases of long stipes.
PILULARIA {pill-yoo-LARE-ee-uh} Linnaeus 1754 * Pillworts * [Latin pilula, referring to the tiny ball-like sporocarps.
Taken together, these distinct lines of evidence support the hypothesis that these plant-processing practices, throughout this long time-period, included the culinary preparation of seeds and sporocarps.
1) is the most complete, showing a large part of a plant (letter "A" in the de Jussieu plate) including details of two leaves (letters "n" and "o") and a series of 11 drawings (some magnified) of the sporocarps (both entire and in longitudinal or transversal sections), sori, and spores (letters "B"-- m").
Fresh specimens with sporocarps were collected from five different water bodies of the Kashmir Valley, and deposited in Kashmir University herbarium, KASH (Table 1).