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specialized leaf branch in certain aquatic ferns that encloses the sori or clusters of sporangia

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Several studies have shown a short-term reduction in ECM sporocarp production or in numbers of live fine roots after clear cutting and burning (Pilz and Perry 1984; Herr et al.
Two 50 m transects were established within each study plot and the occurrence of terrestrial macrofungal sporocarps, including fungi inhabiting wood fragments <15 cm in diameter, were monitored in circle plots at 10 m intervals along each transect.
Recent time-series decomposition studies also have shown that boles can be net sources of N during each of the first 7 yr of decomposition, with fungal sporocarp production being the major pathway of N export (Harmon et al.
psittacorum flowers, exhibit a ribbon-shaped pedicle varying in the shape of the sporotheca (fuse-shaped, egg-shaped and subcleaved) and in the total height of the sporocarp.
Environmental factors influencing sporocarp formation in Typhula ishikariensis.
These activities have been detected using axenic mycelia, non-sterile mycelia, sporocarp tissue or ECM root tips [5,11].
Sporocarp studies have several other limitations as well, including: (1) greater emphasis on fungi that produce obvious aboveground sporocarps rather than fungi that produce belowground sporocarps (i.
Each embryo germinates and pushes itself out of the sporocarp to form a plantlet, the sporophyte, that floats to the water surface.
Sporocarp phenology in a western Oregon, USA Douglas-fir stand.
Plant on short creeping stems, not tufted; sporangia numerous in a sporocarp attached by short stalk (1-3 mm) at base of leaf Marsileaceae (Pilularia)
We estimated the sizes of sporocarp fragments and included fractional sporocarps in totals.
Isolation of fungal cellobiohydrolase I genes from sporocarps and forest soils by PCR', Applied and environmental microbiology, 2008; 74: 3481-89.
We found spores from the genera Acaulospora and Glomus (possibly the species Glomus claroideum), as well as two different types of sporocarps.