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Synonyms for spoor

evidence of passage left along a course followed by a hunted animal or fugitive

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the trail left by a person or an animal

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It was evident that he was following the spoor of meat by scent.
Along the foot of the perpendicular cliff the creature moved, sniffing at the invisible spoor, and now and then emitting the low moan of the hunting banth.
Just as the lion disappeared among the trees beyond the clearing Tarzan caught upon the down-coming wind the explanation of his new interest--the scent spoor of man was wafted strongly to the sensitive nostrils.
There was no spoor of wild beast in the soft mud along the banks, and the water certainly didn't look fit to drink.
For a time he kept to the ground, but finally, discovering no spoor indicative of nearby meat, he took to the trees.
As Tarzan followed the fresh spoor of Horta, the boar, the following morning, he came upon the tracks of two Gomangani, a large one and a small one.
It was very strange and quite inexplicable, especially where the spoor showed where the hyenas in the wider portions of the path had walked one on either side of the human pair, quite close to them.
At first Tarzan had been solely occupied by the remarkable juxtaposition of the spoor of Dango and Gomangani, but now his keen eyes caught something in the spoor of the little Gomangani which brought him to a sudden stop.
The spoor was a day old and it ran toward the north.
Tarzan had followed the spoor of the old man, the two hyenas, and the little black boy to the mouth of the cave in the rocky canon between the two hills.
This carefully-choreographed merry-go-round was unexpectedly disrupted when Spoor died suddenly in December 1928, potentially presenting Labour with by-elections in all three seats.
The technology/curriculum committee researched many solutions and different options," says Spoor.
Die titel moet nie verstaan word as 'n letterlike tydsduur nie, hoewel presiese tydsduur in meer as een gedig in die bundel voorop kom staan; "op jou spoor", weer, kan dui op die aktiewe en die passiewe agtervolgingsinvalshoek sowel as in die betekenis van "in die spoor trap van iemand.
Other gymnasts from the club that competed were Jessica Spoor, Sophie Goodall, Amy Crawford, Leigh Mulreany and Estelle Burgess.
Training is the key element of our strategy to enable our partners to be self-sufficient while selling as well as implementing GFI products for their customers," Spoor said.