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wading birds having a long flat bill with a tip like a spoon

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The Spoonbill sandpiper, according to the IUCN, has an extremely small population and is undergoing a serious rapid population reduction because of a number of factors, including habitat loss in its breeding, passage, and wintering grounds.
As we drift by we notice a group of bobbing pelicans and three roseate spoonbills wading the western shoreline.
Caption: Figure 3: Don't let a spoonbill in the kitchen
The team will be tracking them down, and with the aid of a decoy spoonbill equipped with a camera, they will try to get live footage of the birds close-up.
SEASON'S GREETINGS: A mole and (above from left) RSPB Arne, sika deer and a spoonbill
8220;Rosie Babysits, A Roseate Spoonbill Story” tells a whimsical tale about a real species of bird.
Among the animals and birds which the National Zoological Garden lost are Bonnet Macaque, Indian Rhinocerous, Bengal Tiger, Asiatic Lion, Emu, Spoonbill and Monitor Lizard.
OLIVER, Narelle Don't Let a Spoonbill in the Kitchen Omnibus, 2013 unpaged $24.
An announcement from the convention's secretariat said that 100 CITES-listed species live in Lebanon, including the red fox, jungle cat, dalmatian pelican, black stork, greater flamingo, Eurasian spoonbill, common jackal, common wolf and wild cat.
Ornithologists hope the spoonbill and the Kentish plover, very rarely spotted in the UK, will also return.
Summary: The Al Ain Zoo welcomed two Kori Bustards to the Spoonbill Aviary, adding to the zoo's collection of over 300 birds encompassing more than 25 different species.
On the Dee Estuary both Great White Egret and Spoonbill still remain distantly off Parkgate, Wirral, and have been there most of the winter.
Only time will reveal the spill's impact on many Gulf-breeding species, including the Brown Pelican, American Oystercatcher, Wilson's Plover, Reddish Egret, Least Tern, Black Skimmer, Roseate Spoonbill, Clapper Rail, Seaside Sparrow, and Mottled Duck.
Part of the [pounds sterling]2m campaign spend for the brand, the ads will air to the sound of the Noel Coward track 'Every Little Fish' and feature animated characters Cow, Zebra and Spoonbill.
The roseate spoonbill, the most severely affected species in this case (100% mortality), is an aquatic bird of order Ciconiiformes with long spoon-shaped bill that occurs from the Southern North, Central and South America, and in Brazil, principally in the CentralWestern region (CORNELL, 2008).