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Synonyms for spool

a winder around which thread or tape or film or other flexible materials can be wound


transfer data intended for a peripheral device (usually a printer) into temporary storage

wind onto a spool or a reel

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The recording spool was labeled "Heroville songs" instead of "Henoville.
The spool compressor's excellent performance at both full-load and part-load chiller conditions combined with its low manufacturing cost provides a viable path to affordable, high-efficiency chillers.
2 Sew yellow pieced strips to yellow plaid 12 1/2" strip to make yellow Spool Block (Diagram II-A).
The establishment of a permanent spool base at Hartlepool consolidates the port's position as the home to a thriving cluster of offshore related businesses and adds to the existing successes of Heerema Off-shore and JDR Cables already located within the Port of Hartlepool.
The SmartRoute Panel, with dual SmartRoute spools deployed, integrates IFC and OSP cable assemblies in a single 1RU high panel.
Stiction is primarily affected by the design and construction of piston or spool seals, as there are the parts in direct contact with the cylinder or valve body.
Of course, if you haven''''t got a ribbon spool, fill an old water bottle with peas or beans and decorate that instead.
Bunch up the laces and place the laces and spool into a small paper bag.
Pittsfield Plastics lately has balanced its strong position in proprietary spool and reel molding with more custom work.
Because the distance from the sensor to the sloping surface of the tapered flange is less than the master reference point, reversal is not triggered until the spool flange edge is detected.
This acts directly on the spool to set the "freeness" of the spool's rotation.
Magnetic tension is regulated by sliding the spool up or down within an adjustment slot: Moving it up decreases the distance between the magnets, thereby increasing the tension for a heavier trip; moving it away increases the distance for a lighter trip.
To keep the spools from swinging violently as the person moved, a tubular plug holding bead counterweights was often placed through the hole in the spool.
The new Amacoil-Uhing AVS system relies on sensors to monitor and coordinate spool rotational speed relative to accumulation of material at the spool flanges.
Otherwise, you can damage the spool, or damage or crush the cable.