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Synonyms for spook



Synonyms for spook

a person who secretly observes others to obtain information

Synonyms for spook

someone unpleasantly strange or eccentric

a mental representation of some haunting experience

frighten or scare, and often provoke into a violent action

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I'm sure Mr MI5's intelligence is good but I don't see why Spooks would put women off.
As we all know, James Bond is a fictional character, as are those who play their parts in Spooks.
Spook Express was running near the back of the field in the stretch on Sunday when she fractured her left foreleg and fell.
After the committee announced its decision to refuse the licence, Spook Erections said that an appeal will be lodged at Ayr Sheriff Court.
I SUPPOSE IT'LL BE MY TURN NEXT: Spook Lucas North (Richard Armitage) .
According the LuKe, The SpooK House is about much more than giving youngsters a Halloween fright - it's a genuine piece of performance art.
Indeed, with Spook, Dixon and Greenlee insist that to be a black American fighting for freedom in the twentieth century is in fact to be a spy: in the famous words of the Invisible Man's grandfather, "a spy in the enemy's camp" (Ellison 16).
looking at the lives of the people who became spooks.
Joseph Delaney's eighth book of the Wardstone Chronicles charts the perilous journey of the Spook, Tom and Alice through Ireland.
Here's another piece of desert trivia for ya: Bedouin shepherds really don't like it when you spook their camels.
Of immediate importance to the males are a stone-chucker who nearly demolishes the house, and an evil Soul Stealer who was a failed apprentice to the Spook.
SPOOK follows her journey, which includes a healthy dose of history into the scientific investigation of an afterlife.
To do that, the Central Intelligence Agency is spiffing up its image through a slick ad campaign that attempts to transform the agency's rep as a creepy spook shop into one of wholesome and good-humored terrorist busters who only sometimes have to lie about where they work.
Terell Robinson's serious air travel seemed to spook the five-O, who shut them all down.
Spook Rock is a brilliant blend of both fiction and historical facts.