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Synonyms for spoof

Synonyms for spoof

a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody's style, usually in a humorous way

make a parody of

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THE commercial of the shopping portal spoofs a prominent news channel and its volatile anchor, known for his attacking style, while discussing the perks of shopping online.
We ran, labelled completely clearly, a bulletin of spoof news items which might happen if the country were to be run by tabloid news editors.
I think such spoofs are an absolute disgrace," said Mr Leech.
Apple iPOD's popular commercials have spawned many hundreds of parodies and spoofs from different enterprises, pop-groups, film studios and even from talented individuals.
Sheen pretty much sleepwalks through his scenes and Queen Latifah is wasted as The Oracle in a Matrix spoof.
And since the world of TV production has become so corporate, the entertainment aspect melds well with the spoof on office politics.
As bovine ad agencies discover and detail homosexuality, gay spoofs of their ads compete with their token portraits of airbrushed gay men and lesbians.
A spoof of the People's Court (called the Foundry Court) featured our stockroom supervisor in full judicial robes in an actual courtroom (Boston's Suffolk Superior Court, which we were able to use because an employee's father was a court officer there).
Mobile devices with fingerprint scanners on the market today - but lacking liveness detection -- are highly susceptible to having bogus fingerprints spoof the sensors.
There is no technical way for Yahoo or Telecom (or any other ISP) to prevent these spoof emails from being sent, many of which are generated from overseas servers.
Spoof calling, for those unfamiliar with the term, involves using a cunning piece of software to mask the number that's actually making the call, in order to prevent the recipients of these calls from locating the caller, or calling them back.
Techies say that despite the release of two Android voice assistant app, Robin and Speaktoit Assistant, Siri still is the queen of voice assistants, although spoof makers continue to make light of Siri's inability to function well in other countries outside the U.
A DEROGATORY and morbid spoof on Fauja Singh, the oldest marathon runner of the world, has cost an Internet TV show dear.
The latest example of cultural degeneration: The stupid "Scary Movie" franchise now has one more entry than the smart, satiric "Scream" series it originally set out to spoof.
To tie in with the release of Date Movie, a spoof on romantic comedies, all you have to do is write a maximum of 250 words on your Top Five spoof movies.