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Synonyms for sponsorship

aid or support given by a patron

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the act of sponsoring (either officially or financially)

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I really enjoyed the presentation that you did on sponsorship data compiled from the top 250 U.
The UK Sponsorship Awards (also known as the Hollis Awards) showcase the best in the industry.
In addition, sport sponsorship also has the ultimate goal to show bottom line impact by increasing future sales and profits.
Furthermore, with London 2012 dominating marketing spend, sponsorship is gaining more credibility as a marketing channel than ever before.
According to Saudi law, residents who turn 25 years have to change occupation on their iqamas (residence permits) from "student" to a job title and are no longer allowed to be under the sponsorship of their parents.
Securing sponsorship dollars has always been the biggest challenge for event organizers due to heavy competition, a lack of dedicated sales resources within most organizations and the return on investment difficult to prove to sponsors.
DENSO Senior Managing Director Michio Fukuzaki was quoted as saying, "We participate in the sponsorship of motor sports to improve our name recognition and corporate image around the world.
Why would an affluent, image-conscious city like Scottsdale pursue sponsorship and naming rights agreements with big business at the risk of being accused of selling itself out?
The Texaco sponsorship included the Rainbow Sports-negotiated purchase of two race cars for N.
Parishes across Canada help either through full sponsorship (a parish is responsible for all financial and social support), partnership (responsibility is shared among churches or groups) or joint sponsorship (federal and provincial governments provide basic financial support and the church, social support).
The Presbyterian Church in Canada's involvement in refugee sponsorship began with the overwhelming response to the resettlement of Indo-Chinese refugees in the late 1970s and early 1980s, and continues to the present.
TEI's program has four different levels of sponsors--Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze--with the sponsorship fee and benefits varying with the level of sponsorship.
Companies these days take a bottomline approach to this kind of marketing," says Jim Andrews, editorial director of the Chicago-based "IEG Sponsorship Report.
In April 2002, the IRS released final corporate sponsorship regulations (Regs.
The Audits and Governmental Efficiency Committee agreed at the meeting to let the full council decide on the challenged bills as well as the new sponsorship policy.