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Synonyms for sponsorship

aid or support given by a patron

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the act of sponsoring (either officially or financially)

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Exploring managers' perceptions of the impact of sponsorship on brand equity.
With so many requests for sponsorships, particularly in this difficult economic environment, law firm marketing departments need to get serious about the planning and execution of sponsorship and charitable-giving policies.
More and more, organizations are recruiting dedicated sponsorship sales teams whose sole purpose is to raise sufficient funds to cover basic costs.
DENSO's sponsorship of motor sports began in the early 1970s and extends to teams and riders in two-wheel motor sports, in addition to four-wheel motor sports.
Staff also collected information on the use of sponsorship agreements in other communities.
In general, soccer shirt sponsorship contracts, (1) which typically entail sponsoring corporations paying a fee in return for having their logos placed on team shirts, are entitled to advertise on playing field perimeter boards and gain access to a corporate box for the duration of the contract.
Handing over the sponsorship at Morupule Coal Mine on Tuesday, Massive Brands managing director Gorata Difongo said Massive Brands intended to support Morupule Wanderers until the team met its financial needs.
Keywords: Sport sponsorship; Objectives of sports sponsorship; Criteria for selection of sport sponsorship; measurement tool for sports sponsorship
The UK Sponsorship Awards (also known as the Hollis Awards) showcase the best in the industry.
The Texaco sponsorship included the Rainbow Sports-negotiated purchase of two race cars for N.
4--along with their father Joseph Mbazimana, and cousins Sinthea, 11,Justin, 13, and Yves, 14 (who are orphans)--under a joint refugee sponsorship program.
Through the private sponsorship program, groups offer additional refugee sponsorships in addition to the thousands of government-sponsored refugees.
TEI's program has four different levels of sponsors--Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze--with the sponsorship fee and benefits varying with the level of sponsorship.
Marketing managers have the same accountability for their spending on sponsorship as they do for their general advertising spend.