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Synonyms for sponsor



Synonyms for sponsor

one who assumes financial responsibility for another

a person who supports or champions an activity, cause, or institution, for example

to act as a patron to

Synonyms for sponsor

an advocate who presents a person (as for an award or a degree or an introduction etc

assume sponsorship of

assume responsibility for or leadership of

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And how does one find and develop a relationship that prove beneficial to a budding career (for tips on how to find a mentor or sponsor, visit www.
If the IRS identifies a qualification failure on examination of a qualified plan, the Audit CAP is available if the plan sponsor corrects the failure, pays a sanction, satisfies any additional requirements and signs a closing agreement with the ILLS.
Laws governing pension plans are complex, and plan sponsors will need expert advice from competent counsel to make sure they are in compliance.
The Institute has found the sponsors receptive to changes designed to address these concerns.
The list of sponsors for Atlanta's celebration this June includes more than two dozen names, including CocaCola, BellSouth, Washington Mutual, Delta Air Lines, Verizon Wireless, Coors, Showtime, and Sheraton.
Gold Sponsors actively participate in each Committee, thus you are keeping in touch with the people who provide funding, and new Chapter members are immediately placed on a Committee so you always have new ideas.
Once a sponsor is identified, and the two companies agree to combine in a sponsored demutualization, the next step is for them to develop a mutually agreeable plan that describes in detail the nature of the combined organization.
Example 2: An exempt organization's website has a link to a corporate sponsor.
The Leavenworth Sponsor Organization is conducted by Operation International, a committee of the Leavenworth/Lansing Chamber of Commerce which traces its origin to 1952 when it was first constituted within the Junior Chamber of Commerce.
The most important thing to watch for is the size of the sponsor.
Years ago Los Angeles County reached the same conclusion as many other local governments nationwide: The cost of tracking down the people who sponsor immigrants, usually their family members, would exceed the money the county could recoup.
The sponsor attends the event it hosts; and all sponsors are invited to the Chapter's two social events.
The RBC Financial Group came on board this year as the Platinum sponsor, making them the co-presenters of the 2002 Awards luncheons, and a critical partner in helping us present these prestigious awards.
But for some plans, there's an additional step-helping the plan sponsor decide the funding arrangement.
Robert DiMeo, of DiMeo Schneider & Associates, in Chicago says, "We helped one plan sponsor reduce annual plan expenses by over $1 million in a year.