sponge off

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clean with a sponge, by rubbing


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The ex-soldier, 65, wants to form his own "anti-Paki" party to campaign against immigrants he says sponge off the state.
The best thing about the movie is Kilmer's charming, manipulative and utterly despicable interpretation of the legendarily endowed John Holmes, well past his porn-star prime and too blitzed to do much more than sponge off dangerous dealers and lie to his adoring teenage girlfriend.
It's easier to sponge off the rest of society, rather make the effort to earn a living for themselves.
On the other, we picture our kids becoming slobs who will sponge off us forever.
Encourage the individual to shower or bathe, or sponge off with cool water.
Student docents invited visitors to sponge off the paint, and as the sponge was repeatedly rinsed in the bowl, the washbasin's negative message about the value of women's achievements was gradually obscured.
haven''t worked Avoiding paid They sponge off - it is regarded Clearly these into gainful how the Those counted as employed include those on government schemes.
Until the fat cats change their ways And show us that they've tried To help, not sponge off all of us, Then let them stay outside.
In a country where people sponge off the benefit system, it's incredible that someone who deserves the money is being so badly let down.
It's a great story and one that bucks the myth that immigrants move here just to sponge off our system.
People say students sponge off the government but they are just uninformed.
He said: "He thinks because he chooses to work with young criminals it gives him the right to sponge off the state.
They are here to sponge off social security, run prostitutes, get free treatment on the NHS.
Just put it on the stain, leave for a few minutes and sponge off.