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Synonyms for spoke

support consisting of a radial member of a wheel joining the hub to the rim

one of the crosspieces that form the steps of a ladder


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And when we started they spoke out a hearty good-by and wished us a pleasant journey.
On the day after I left, it came to the ears of Chaka, by the mouth of his spies, that my second wife--Anadi--was sick and spoke strange words in her sickness.
Thus he spoke, and when each of them had marked his lot, and had thrown it into the helmet of Agamemnon son of Atreus, the people lifted their hands in prayer, and thus would one of them say as he looked into the vault of heaven, "Father Jove, grant that the lot fall on Ajax, or on the son of Tydeus, or upon the king of rich Mycene himself.
Neither spoke, yet both knew before they opened the closed door what they would find beyond.
All he said and did was abrupt, confused, feverish--very likely the words he spoke, as often as not, were not those he wished to say.
In my early life I used to cherish a feeling of ill will toward any one who spoke in bitter terms against the Negro, or who advocated measures that tended to oppress the black man or take from him opportunities for growth in the most complete manner.
Still, the instinctive recognition of his position made her shrink, at the last moment, when she spoke of him, and thought of the serious nature of her engagement with me.
Perhaps he expressed himself more freely when he spoke to
His deep voice dropped suddenly to a low and quiet tone as he spoke the parting words.
She dashed away the tears--time enough to cry, is time easily found in a woman's existence--she dashed away the tears, and spoke to him again, more gently than she had spoken yet.
He addressed her with the deepest respect when he spoke his next words.
The next time, therefore (which happened to be the following day), she spoke up louder.
One of the female servants (I won't mention names) spoke to you privately, sir, last night.
She was a little confused from time to time when he looked at her, or spoke to her; but she never warmed towards him.
The figure neither spoke, nor turned to look, nor gave in any other way the faintest sign of having heard the noise.
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