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a rail that is split from a log


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11 SCOPE: PROJECT DESCRIPTION This project involves installing 265 LF of pressure treated 2-rail Split Rail Fence at the newly completed Village of Rainbow Springs wetland system.
o A new split rail fence and boat dock installed at the project site.
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Built at the turn of the century, the New England Colonial cottage with gingerbread trimming stands neatly behind a split rail fence, its brick walk leading to a red-painted porch fronted by granite steps.
Pioneer Homestead Work Day - Assist in pioneer chores such as building a split rail fence and splitting shingles.
Spotting cups of nectar, lorikeets fly in low, landing on split rail fences and trying to perch on little arms, shoulders and heads.
The community will be beautifully accented by stone entry walls featured on each side of the two main entrances and connected by a charming white split rail, Centennial Ridge will also feature distinctive street lighting.
relocation of a section of existing fencing, installation of new split rail
In Rhode Island, building a split rail fence and weeding, mulching and pruning the rain garden at Riverside Park in Providence.
I just came in, after splitting fence posts for the split rail fence in front, and sat down for a break and to drink a cup of coffee.
Community garden rehabilitation, split rail fence installation, shoreline cleanup
West Street, motor vehicle went off the road through a split rail fence.
Unless you make it yourself, split rail fencing is also expensive and if you make it yourself you'll ache for a month of Sundays
gov Projects: Exotic plant removal, native plant restoration, split rail fence construction, removal of unauthorized trails, trail maintenance, litter pickup, grounds care.
They also said they would build stone wall and split rail fence along Sutton Avenue in recognition of the former farmland's history.