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a thin sliver of wood

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an orthopedic mechanical device used to immobilize and protect a part of the body (as a broken leg)

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support with a splint

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3,7 After administration of local anaesthesia, the alveolar fragment can commonly be repositioned and splinted.
Our finding that the incidence of nasal obstruction at 6 weeks was not significantly different between the two groups was similar to the findings of Cook et al, who found similar improvements in airway patency at 6 weeks in both splinted and nonsplinted patients.
Twenty-five patients (76%) who were initially splinted were treated to completion without the need for operative intervention.
In most patients who have had tooth reimplantation, Chlorhexidine mouth rinse may be prescribed to prevent and control gum inflammation (gingivitis), since the splinted teeth cannot be brushed normally and the splint usually collects extra dental plaque and food debris.
In the case of subluxation, approximately half were splinted, while almost all extruded and laterally luxated teeth were splinted.
The Results: The useful life of the IV was shorter in the splinted group (average 23.
Patients should be comfortable after immediate immobilisation and hence any complaints of increased pain or neurovascular change while being splinted should be evaluated in a timely manner by a member of the medical team.
Participants allocated to the night splint group had their affected ankle splinted in a plantargrade position 7 nights per week.