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a flexible strip (wood or rubber) used in drawing curved lines

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a thin strip (wood or metal)

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3) Cut to size decorative splines, add adhesive to each side and place in slots.
Some digital designers have been testing a similar way of working for a while now, using an alternative to spline modeling that is based on "subdivisions," or discrete fragments that can be made as small as needed, and which today are increasingly displayed in their apparently disjointed and fragmentary state.
The corresponding box spline is known in the literature as the Zwart-Powell element.
In this paper, a proposed Normalized Cubic Spline Feed Forward Neural Network (NCS - FFNN) is optimized using Genetic Algorithm to optimize the weight of the network during training.
Estimates from the two-piece spline models appear to conform well to the categorical results and also suggest a pronounced exposure--response slope for exposures below the knot (< 5,600 ppm-days).
Graves, Viscous flow solutions with a cubic spline approximation, Computer.
4] Jia, Rong Qing, Total positivity of the Discrete spline collection Matrix, J.
Solvable cases include the polynomial spline case where G(s) = 1/[s.
In the current paper, data sets will be approximated by linear combinations of special spline functions, called B-splines, for Basis splines.
The spline is programmed to vary in rhythm and tempo, from brief bursts of energy to longer color imagery," Rosen describes.
Instead, the spline interpolation can be extended to higher dimensions, by simply multiplying a basic function in one coordinate with a basic function in another (this working well if the points lie on same kind of rectangular grid).
The other approach is based on the spline techniques that involve different forms of spline formulations in different maturity segment of the term structure.
behaviour of the spline near a point does not affect the behaviour of the spline as a whole as, for instance, this holds in the case of the polynomial approximation; fast convergence of the spline-interpolation in contrast to polynomial one; simplicity and convenience in realization of algorithms for constructing and calculating splines by personal computers.