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a flexible strip (wood or rubber) used in drawing curved lines

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a thin strip (wood or metal)

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The screen material should be wide and long enough to stretch at least 2 inches over the groove you've cut for the spline.
Spline regressions is a general technique for fitting and smoothing the shifts and breaks of a time line.
f]) can be further introduced to utilize (11b) quartic spline curve equation to solve the problem
Cubic spline interpolation function has advantages of good stability, convergence, and high approximation accuracy, which has second-order smoothness at the interpolation nodes and avoids the Runge phenomenon on account of the limitation of the interpolation condition.
Pervaiz and Ahmad (2015) implemented polynomial cubic spline method for solving fouth-order parabolic two point boundary value problems.
1) is discretized by first order forward difference formula at time level and quartic B- splines will be used to approximate the space derivatives.
Next, cut to size splines and add adhesive to each side.
Cubic spline regression the knot points usually from the inner or outer convex near the start or end points are selected.
Consider the mathematical notation of a continuous line, or spline, mentioned above, in the well-known format y = /Ix).
Then Y = Q x X x A, the matrix is designated through W = Q x X with the dimension N x (r +1), which consists of the integrated local functions of the spline form.
The following proposition ensures that the box spline is sufficiently smooth so that the derivatives that appear in the Main Theorem actually exist.
They consist of a rotating spline shaft and a nut whose bearings ride inside the spline's grooves.
What's hard is figuring out which diameter spline to buy and how tight the fabric should be stretched.
The boltless modular design square-drive spline is the toughest tooling connection in the industry.
The spline adapter is the mating coupling between the DC Generator and the engine gearbox.