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Synonyms for spliff

marijuana leaves rolled into a cigarette for smoking

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Pollard of Spliff Bangaz, who specializes in entertainment promotions, Skywalker OG, dynamic music producer from Akon's Konvict Muzic, and D.
Brooke and her pals sat at a table and ordered a large cannabis spliff.
Rah Digga, Ric Rock, Spliff Starr, Scott Storch, Chink Santana, and Damon Thomas.
Nichola Dowling There's more harm in so-called legal highs than in a spliff.
Hannah, 17 - one of the favourites to win - posted on a Twitter account uncovered by the Sunday Mirror: "I want to smoke a spliff & go to bed tbh.
Lambert said that he had enough cannabis to make one spliff to smoke.
On stage she smoked a spliff and told her female, teenage audience to, pretty much, give hash a bash.
London, Mar 18 ( ANI ): Richard Branson joked that at a recent White House state dinner, he asked Barack Obama if he could have a spliff, but quite obviously, the US President didn't have any.
He's next to you, cold chilling with a whisky in one hand and a spliff in the other.
Meanwhile, Spliff, with a handicap mark of nine metres, was yesterday drafted into the William Hill Northumberland Plate field to replace Acomb Delphine, who was withdrawn lame from heat two tomorrow.
What I hadn't made allowance for was an enthusiastic editor putting a huge spliff in his mouth and slapping him on the front page.
If, however, he is snapped with a spliff, is kissed and told on or slaps an impudent hack, then he - and his family - will be scarred forever.
Jason Derulo is partial to the odd spliff, but says booze is "better for partying".
When Jennifer admitted that the spliff was actually hers, Paris was released.