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a junction where two things (as paper or film or magnetic tape) have been joined together


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In 2013, the overall scale of China's large screen splicing market amounted to CNY 6.
Alternative splicing is a tightly regulated and normal activity in healthy cells.
According to Vetter, "Rough estimates point to approximately $30 million in labor savings alone by simply moving from the current splicing techniques to the new cold-splice devices.
In a bar chart showing the proportion of the alternatively splicing variants for each tumor specimen (Fig.
Product solutions for straight-line splicing, a cost and time-effective splicing technique.
The company's proprietary gene profiling technology DATAS(tm), allows the detection of the disease-relevant changes in mRNA population resulting from alternative splicing events, thus providing the most valuable biological information about the causes of pathology.
Mechanical splicing for light-duty belts presents three basic choices of metallic fasteners (wire hook, hinged plate, and stamped metal tooth) and two non-metallic choices.
Since the researchers reported this proof that protein splicing happens, investigators have worked to describe the steps by which an intein cleaves the chemical bonds that hold it within the precursor protein and then seamlessly joins the protein fragments from which it has escaped.
The advanced course deals with the directed alteration of genetic material by intervention in genetic processes - gene splicing, for example, Crissman said.
Most notably, the removal of introns and the joining of the remaining exons in the process of pre-mRNA splicing is essential to generate mRNAs that are suitable templates for translation.
Fujikura Europe has introduced a new Engineering and Optimisation Service designed to help customers get the most out of their splicing equipment.
March 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- OFC/ NFOEC 2013, Booth 2627 -- OFS, a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative fiber optic network products, has announced that its Furukawa Electric FITEL SmartFuse (TM) fusion splicing software has been enhanced to include automated optimal facial-fit alignment and a new effective live fiber splicing method.
Tim Nilsen, a professor of medicine and biochemistry and the director of the School of Medicine's Center for RNA Molecular Biology, came to this conclusion after studying an unexpected mechanism governing alternative splicing, a process by which single genes produce different proteins in different situations.
The splicer is suitable for splicing a variety of materials including tag, label, board, film stocks, and other materials.
In humans, as well as in other eukaryotic organisms, the diversity of the proteome is, to a large extent, created by alternative splicing of pre-mRNAs expressed from individual genes.