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Synonyms for splendidly

extremely well

in an impressively beautiful manner

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You did just splendidly, Anne," puffed Diana, recovering sufficiently to sit up and speak, for Anne, starry eyed and rapt, had not uttered a word.
With Froude too this results in exaggeration, and further he is sadly inaccurate, but his books are splendidly fascinating.
One end, indeed, reflected splendidly both light and heat from ranks of immense pewter dishes, interspersed with silver jugs and tankards, towering row after row, on a vast oak dresser, to the very roof.
The lady was also in green, and so richly and splendidly dressed that splendour itself seemed personified in her.
Like men racing blindfold for a gap in a hedge, we were finishing a splendidly quick passage from the Antipodes, with a tremendous rush for the Channel in as thick a weather as any I can remember, but his psychology did not permit him to bring the ship to with a fair wind blowing - at least not on his own initiative.
There was a delicate pink colour in her cheeks, the movements and lines of her body were all splendidly free and graceful.
Chris Taylor failed to nish his opening race in the new Santander Consumer Finance KTM British Consumer Finance KTM British Junior Cup but bounced back Junior Cup but bounced back splendidly to nish third in the splendidly to nish third in the second outing and treat his InMosecond outing and treat his InMoto Corse team to a podium place.
Not so convincing were the somewhat weedy Tamino of Mitesh Khatri, and the effortful Sarastro of Clive Thursfield (though his dialogue was splendidly Churchillian).
Cross Keys have played splendidly in the last three years of this competition and coach Greg Woods, who two seasons ago steered his club to the final, said: "This is the best side we have played against and I take my hat off to them.
The weather held up well across the four days of the game, showcasing the surroundings which make the Riverside such a splendidly eye-catching venue.
Aberavon's six forwards performed splendidly and it was Neath who had to defend as the clock reached 55 minutes of the half
The McMurdo's goose down insulation and Velcro cuffs, and cords to tighten waist and hem performed splendidly and proved just as successful in snowy Malmo and 12,000ft up in the Swiss Alps.
Will accommodate both 20- and 30-round stick magazines mounted in the SMG and will protect any Thompson splendidly in the correct fashion.
He is splendidly supported by Dave Key, as his loyal but unreliable friend - and he, too, tackles a copy of the newspaper, but he chooses to shred it and use it as a prop for an improvised Morris dance.
Splendidly illustrated throughout with colorful maps, vintage artwork renditions of the land and portraits of notable historic figures, architectural plans from the era, and much more, A Picturesque Situation is a richly detailed resource, captivating to simply page through and thoroughly accessible to readers of all backgrounds.