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Synonyms for splay

an outward bevel around a door or window that makes it seem larger

Related Words

spread open or apart

turn outward

Related Words

move out of position

Related Words

turned outward in an ungainly manner

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This requirement is for Swathe Cutting and Visibility Splays within the Enterprise & Environment Directorate of the Kent County Council.
Slow-motion video shows that such a blow temporarily flattens the bottom fly, which splays out his legs, Kravitz reports.
Maybe there's some splays (sister arms off the main faults) we're not seeing on the surface because they're covered.
The objective is to determine if a nearby NW-SE trending graben bounded by 2nd order splays and a NNW-SSE trending graben bounded by 3rd order splays are linked by an unmapped 3rd order splay of the SMFZ.
The Ahafo Shear and its associated splays are proving to be one of the better endowed gold structures in West Africa.
Libeskind's world splays, shears, bends, hovers, flies, opens up and represent.
And from these flat decollements sprang up a system of smaller, vertical faults called splays that reach for the surface like tree branches.
These cross structures are inferred to be splays off of the main break and may represent similar fault/shear systems that are associated with gold mineralization such as the Golconda (409,100 t grading 5.
Veining parallels the regional fracture direction, as well as splays off the Pipestone-Cameron Lake-Manitou fault system, which transgresses the Archean complex of mineralized multi-phase intrusives and volcanic rocks.