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Synonyms for splay

an outward bevel around a door or window that makes it seem larger

Related Words

spread open or apart

turn outward

Related Words

move out of position

Related Words

turned outward in an ungainly manner

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Splay Anthem is a song of heritage and phenomenal geographic expanse.
whilst the newly discovered splay vein is open to the south east.
The four 20 ton splay saddles will be located at the four anchors at the end of the bridge.
It improves part flatness, reduces swirl lines in structural foam, and cuts down on splay when molding undried resin, Tel: (413) 243-9870 * PTDirect: 575RH
Di Giorgio Martini's fortress walls splay outwards, down to the sea to repel marauding buccaneers.
MuCell microcellular foam parts, which commonly have a dull surface and splay marks, can now be injection molded with smooth, glossy surfaces, thanks to a new method of thermally cycling molds from hot to cold with little or no cycle-time penalty.
was used to prevent the formation of splay that would mar the part surface.
The women cradle their partners, enfold them, flip them over, then splay their bodies onto the floor.
Columns are of steel plate cut to a silhouette of outstretched palms; each end of the footbridge is supported on pairs of smaller silhouetted columns which splay out to frame the north school entrance.
The claims cover most of a 6 km long, 10- 100 m wide, 25 degrees trending splay fault off the Llewellyn Fault system.
They also reduce splay and other defects by imposing less heat on the resin.
E[acute accent]The objectives of the present round of drilling are a) test sub-parallel identified veins near Vein 49, such as Belen, Belen East, and Puesto, b) test additional targets down-dip on Vein 49 and Nelson, including the Vein 49 hanging wall splay, and c) test additional Calcatreu district targets such as Castro Sur, Viuda de Castro, and Trinidad.
Murray's cups may crack or fly apart, releasing floods of hot liquid; they are also too big for their tables, whose legs splay and flail.
It also covers a number of possible structures of interest, including a possible splay of the large-scale Beatty River Fault Zone, and structures associated with a prominent magnetic high referred to as the Vaudner Dome.
Supported by slender steel columns that splay arboreally at their tops, the concrete canopy is perforated by a series of different-sized oculi.