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Synonyms for splattering

the noise of something spattering or sputtering explosively

the act of splashing a (liquid) substance on a surface

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Chef Antonio Carluccio said: "In Italy there is not much danger of splattering sauce because we don't eat a lot of sauce.
You feel the splattering mud as machine gunfire rips through the the wet marshes of Vietnam.
Streb has put aside her penchant for hitting the ceiling and splattering the walls.
Both the puncturing of a melon by the more-powerful rifle and the splattering of a melon by the less-powerful pistol were captured on film.
Theorists simulating experiments on a supercomputer have discovered that splattering clusters of atoms against a hard surface yields extreme conditions that can lead to a new kind of chemistry
The goal of these Kamikaze egg droppers is to design a device that will protect one Grade A raw egg from splattering after it propels down a 100-foot steel cable from the third floor of Drexel's Great Court and slams into a wooden barricade at ground level.
Mrs Kennedy said she saw "blood splattering from his head" and could see the look of shock in his face.
Wildly, he dunks a thick brush and begins to paint, accompanied by the sounds of splattering pigment.