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Synonyms for splattered

covered with bright patches (often used in combination)

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The billboards targeted have had red paint splattered on the candidates' faces, which is believed to be part of an opposition campaign to label those contesting the election as "vampires".
She said the paint was on Mr Clegg's face and his aides were also splattered.
Smashed, Squashed, Splattered, Chewed, Chunked, and Spewed" is a rather interesting title for a rather interesting book.
He said beer was thrown around the carriage, which was also heavily splattered with blood.
What a short sighted bunch of ignorant little people we were and how we should now rejoice that a giant like Jackson Pollock once dwelt among us to show us the true worth of paint splattered cardboard.
Your new tee just got splattered with red juice by a 3-year-old in your charge at the tot center?
Indicate the level of vividness/graphicness, using the following as a general guide: Basic: cut off his head Graphic: cut off his head, blood gushed onto floor Very graphic: cut off his head, blood gushed onto floor, splattered on wall, and head bounced on the floor Extremely graphic: cut off his head, blood gushed onto floor, splattered on wall, and head bounced on the floor, and his brains slowly oozed out onto the carpet in a purple gray mass
Students used colors that would contrast with the ones they planned to use for the splattered foreground.
A man accused of brutally battering a gay arts lecturer to death and cutting up his body gave a book to a prison inmate splattered with the victim's blood, Birmingham Crown Court heard.
Well the strain of it must have driven her to drink because here she is splattered across the front pages last week drunk as a skunk.
During his kitchen stint, for example, Anderson noticed that drops of splattered beef gravy congealed on the walls of a freezer have peaks.
Though far less powerful than the rifle, his 9mm pistol fired an expanding hollow-point slug that splattered the melon impressively.
SAGA is a local, multi-ethnic film company in Sarajevo that has been documenting the siege over the last two years, and the pictures are gruesome: pedestrians mowed down in the middle of the street, buildings burning, blood splattered on walls.
The winner of Miss Horrorfest 2006 will be crowned on Halloween and receive $50,000 as well as make appearances on TV & radio, and have their likeness splattered on posters and billboards around the country.
She was splattered with red paint as she turned a sod at a mental health facility in Dublin in November.