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a curved piece above the wheel of a bicycle or motorcycle to protect the rider from water or mud thrown up by the wheels

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Sample Use a BSC or plastic Perform in patient's processing splash guard with room, nearby in PPE to protect skin contained area, in and mucous BSC located in a membranes.
With no moving parts, the splash guard prevents water from splashing into the vent and reaching the screen.
Rigid tapping, coolant system, total splash guard, cycle finish buzzer & lamp, and electric torque limit are standard.
Rigid tapping, coolant system, total splash guard, cycle finish buzzer/lamp and electric torque limit are standard, with options including a chip conveyor, rotary table 4-axis, shower coolant, oil mist, and auto door.
The Flamingo also offers a tilt and recline mechanism, removable seat, and removable splash guard.
This neat number also has thermostatic control, splash guard and three settings - massage only, heat/bubble, heat/bubble/massage.
It also features the anti-skid base, splash guard and a user-friendly handle that are standard on conventional coffee mugs.
An innovative splash guard differentiates the 200-watt Hamilton Beach hand mixer, model 62586, from previous models.
CLEVELAND -- Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation today announced the introduction of its new patent pending Splash Guard safety accessory, which provides additional protection from liquid splash conditions in industrial environments.
Contract notice: New light rail line mannheim - north - stops equipment; railings and splash guard.
If a certified Class II biosafety cabinet or Plexiglass splash guard is not available, a full face shield should be worn instead of goggles.
A new kit is being fielded to replace the metal splash guard with a flexible rubber guard.
The Phantom stainless detector is standard, offering rugged IP67 protection, fully epoxy aperture lining and plastic splash guard for the front panel.
The machines come with a semi-enclosed splash guard or an optional full enclosure.
With its rugged body and double splash guard, it is ideal for push or pull applications.