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relating to or affecting the viscera


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This is because vasoactive substances, including serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine), histamine, estrogen, and endotoxin, are produced in the splanchnic bed and bypass normal hepatic metabolism, thereby allowing them to exert a vasoconstrictive effect on the small pulmonary arteries.
We deduced that the compression had a lethal effect on the patient, with full stoppage of splanchnic arterial supply, causing superior mesenteric ischemia, with an incomplete abdominal compartment syndrome.
Effect of metformin on glucose metabolism in the splanchnic bed.
Splanchnic Th (2) and Th (1) cytokine redistribution in microsurgical cholestatic rats.
Supportive stromal tissue of the liver develops from the septum transversum and from the splanchnic mesoderm around the stomach (15).
The current study was planned to record the incidence of VCs in cases of acute pancreatitis (AP), namely thrombosis of the splanchnic vein (SV) system and the formation of pseudoaneurysm.
Effect of octreotide on systemic central and splanchnic hemodynamics in cirrhosis.
The heart to lung, heart to liver and heart to splanchnic uptake ratios were higher in AdenEx group as compared to the Adeno group.
Mild hypoprotenemia and hypoalbuminemia in affected dogs could be attributed to increased protein loss from intestines due to bowel and pancreatic edema and poor absorption due to deceased splanchnic perfusion (Oyama, 2008).
With distention of the pelvic viscera, massive sympathetic discharge from the splanchnic system between T5 and L3, below the level of the lesion, is initiated reflexively, resulting in vasoconstriction of the muscular, splanchnic, and cutaneous vasculature.
The team s work will target the adrenal gland and the splanchnic nerve circuits that govern its function.
Splanchnic balance of free fatty acids, endocannabinoids, and lipids in subjects with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
Spontaneous dissection of the splanchnic arteries: CT findings, treatment, and outcome.
Reduced intestinal absorption in this severely ill patient, related to reduced splanchnic blood flow, could have resulted in reduced bioavailability (4).
Both protocols induce a decrease in blood flow to the skin and splanchnic regions and increases in cerebral regions.