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Synonyms for spittoon

a receptacle for spit (usually in a public place)


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Several gentlemen called upon me who, in the course of conversation, frequently missed the spittoon at five paces; and one (but he was certainly short-sighted) mistook the closed sash for the open window, at three.
That he had a score of Socialist arguments chasing through his brain in the meantime did not interfere with this; on the contrary, Jurgis scrubbed the spittoons and polished the banisters all the more vehemently because at the same time he was wrestling inwardly with an imaginary recalcitrant.
The last time it tried, with the stunning V-Rod powered by a Porsche-designed liquid-cooled engine in 2001, its traditional customers took one look, aimed for the nearest spittoon and drawled: "Hot diggity dawg, that ain't like no damned hog I ever saw, boy.
Mostly the 45-year-old slurps tea (in a very impolite manner) at lightning speed through his teeth, savouring it for a split second before expelling it in an impressive amber arc into a spittoon.
Among several items listed on the website are a KKK brass spittoon, a "KKK Gut Hood Neck Knife laser" and a KKK pendant for women which has the auction rate of $680.
soldiers never die, they simply fade away' By stop-tap he generally had thousands of Native troops in one spittoon and thousands of parsons in another whom at times he would be fetching out again to trample them down in the sawdust with his heels.
Lib Dems were the spittoon for protest votes until they salivated over the Tories in coalition.
He was always as curious as a thee-year-old, pointing out details of the Chinese restaurants' dAaAaAeA@cor or explaining the function of an enameliz tin spittoon by the door.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Hectare 9 Ended 10 Nanny 11 Adulate 12 Ear 13 Spittoon 16 Not at all 17 Act 19 Marconi 21 Photo 22 Noses 23 Norwich DOWN: 1 Chancel 2 Scenario 3 Many 4 Rebuttal 5 Idea 6 Idler 8 Examination 13 Seahorse 14 Oratorio 15 Atrophy 18 Among 20 Rush 21 Park QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Speed camera 8 Tar 9 Ore 11 Origami 12 Until 13 Rim 14 Add 15 Puberty 17 Hot 19 Ever 21 Omen 23 Data 25 Tier 27 Nag 29 Storage 31 Amp 34 Era 36 Rouge 37 Silicon 38 Sam 39 Hod 40 Tamper-proof DOWN: 1 Sari 2 Prim 3 Evacuee 4 Chisel 5 Mount 6 Rota 7 Arid 8 Torch 10 Elder 16 Yet 18 Toe 20 Van 22Mrs 24 Angular 25 Tears 26 Eraser 28 Grand 30 Tie up 32 Moat 33 Puma 34 Echo 35 Roof
To attempt to describe any phase of American manners without frequent reference to the spittoon is impossible," noted G.
Most accounts of the first 'saloon' sequence in Rio Bravo focus emphatically on its status as an implicit homage to the silent era, because dialogue doesn't start until the action moves to a second saloon, and also on its status as an initial statement of the film's extended discourse on 'self-respect', a character trait Dude obviously betrays when he attempts to bum a drink from Joe Burdette (Claude Akins) and then kneels to retrieve a coin the smilingly sadistic Joe has tossed into the spittoon at Dude's feet.
The blood-red juice or quid is not ingested but spat out, preferably into a spittoon.
The office building will be converted into a museum that includes Durant's desk, spittoon, and company records.
Winner of the pit-spitting into a spittoon contest gets $10, too.