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Synonyms for spitter

a person who spits (ejects saliva or phlegm from the mouth)

an illegal pitch in which a foreign substance (spit or Vaseline) is applied to the ball by the pitcher before he throws it


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Though The Spitter is an all-new platform, the site rose from the ashes of Bugs & Cranks, a forward-thinking baseball outlet founded in 2006, which launched the writing careers of several journalists, and outlived a wealth of bigger sites occupying the same sports/humor territories.
The Spitter moved over the hill and up the long field, gobbling most of the way and still answering my calls.
Strong, determined, virile, and a good spitter, I, like my forefathers who wielded crosscut saws and Lincoln Logs, would assault, conquer, and reduce to possession an American wilderness--in this case a 20-acre
For 100 years, The Toledo Ticket Company has produced tickets including bar-coded tickets and magnetic-striped tickets, hand-issued, multi-part valet, pay & display, pay-by-space, and spitter tickets for thermal/nonthermal revenue control as well as access or debit cards, scratch-off tickets, validation stamps, monthly hang tags, book tickets, plastic/vinyl hang tags, decals or window/bumper stickers.
Sight distance improvement (remove obstruction), install spitter island, kerb and channel and drainage
Blunder the Reindeer has had one too many on Christmas Eve and attempts to dash the hopes of Spitter, a young reindeer who dreams of pulling Santa's Sleigh.
Lester's alleged spitter appeared via the Internet, with videos from Wednesday night clearly showing that he had something in his glove that he rubbed on his fingers.
The last few days have been about a stroppy footballer on Twitter, a Macedonian spitter, an angry Swede, injuries and a lack of transfer activity.
Without dignity or taste, a multi-millionaire dummy- spitter, a rotter who you'd go out of your way to avoid in normal life.
Don't use this one if the child is a swallower, not a spitter.
Fans at each tour stop have been able to test their fastball against a DAVID Seed speed gun, catch packets of DAVID Seeds launched by the Spitter Car[TM], check out baseball equipment tailored for today's Big League stars, play the latest baseball video games and compete in seed-spitting contests.
Construction of this amazing BB spitter is molded ABS throughout, including the sturdy, folding buttstock.
My spitter made all the batters jump back as the gobs of spit headed toward them with the ball soon headed back across the plate.