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Synonyms for spitter

a person who spits (ejects saliva or phlegm from the mouth)

an illegal pitch in which a foreign substance (spit or Vaseline) is applied to the ball by the pitcher before he throws it


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Bolton already have a serial spitter in El-Hadji Diouf.
He called his book ``Me and the Spitter,'' unsuccessfully sought an endorsement deal with Vaseline, and made an uproarious mound-top pantomime out of fingering his cap and ears and hairline and anywhere else the grease might be hidden.
The next morning, I was out at dawn and when the Spitter started his act behind, I was able to lure him into the field with a soft yelp.
His official bio describes him as a "gadfly, curmudgeon, champion of bold failures, prince of disorder, maestro of zest, professional loudmouth (as a speaker he's 'a spitter,' according to the cartoon strip Dilbert), corporate cheerleader, lover of markets, capitalist pig.
If you aren't an accomplished spitter, wearing rings through the earlobes is your next best bet.
Strong, determined, virile, and a good spitter, I, like my forefathers who wielded crosscut saws and Lincoln Logs, would assault, conquer, and reduce to possession an American wilderness--in this case a 20-acre
Kids made fun of me and called me the spitter because I would spit when I spoke due to my missing teeth," he said.
Simplifying the creation of complex workflow logic, the X2Workflow Spitter enables concurrent implementation of workflow branches.
Lester's alleged spitter appeared via the Internet, with videos from Wednesday night clearly showing that he had something in his glove that he rubbed on his fingers.
The last few days have been about a stroppy footballer on Twitter, a Macedonian spitter, an angry Swede, injuries and a lack of transfer activity.
A judge in Ohio has probably blown his chances of a nomination to the Supreme Court, but he sure made a lot of fans with his imaginative controlling of a spitter in his courtroom.
More delightful to me was his accomplishment of being, in his own words, a spitter and a half.
One morning his grandfather told Don, as he taught him how to grease the spitter, that the drought could not last for long.
Tenders are invited for SM Formal Annual Contract for Airport Parking Spitter Tickets