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Synonyms for spirituous

containing alcohol

Synonyms for spirituous

containing or of the nature of alcohol


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The trade was injured by their artifices to outbid and undermine each other; the Indians were debauched by the sale of spirituous liquors, which had been prohibited under the French rule.
Charting a series of resemblances between various created forms, Raphael argues that "more refined, more spirituous, and pure, / As nearer to him placed or nearer tending / Each in their several active spheres assigned, /Till body up to spirit work, in bounds / Proportioned to each kind" (5.
6) Without form, Aristotelian matter is "void of all forms"--its material so soft that it cannot hold a shape except as a receptacle for semen's spirituous infusion of life and stable form.
The dollar sales of spirituous liquor exceeded projections and reached a record level of $916.
As he stated, "Our scheme of taxation, by means of which this needless surplus is taken from the people and put into the public Treasury, consists of a tariff or duty levied upon importations from abroad and internal-revenue taxes levied upon the consumption of tobacco and spirituous and malt liquors.
Definition of intoxicating liquors in Volstead Act: '"intoxicating liquor' shall be construed to include alcohol, brandy, whiskey, rum, gin, beer, ale, porter, and wine, and in addition thereto any spirituous, vinous, malt, or fermented liquor .
One of the trends I'm really pushing for is using rum as a base for more spirituous cocktails, in the same way you would use Bourbon in a Manhattan," says the head bartender at the Washington, D.
Moreover all gambling, indecent language, and disorderly conduct were to be strictly prohibited, as were the sale and consumption of wine, malt liquor, or spirituous liquors.
more refin'd, more spirituous, and pure, As nearer to him plac't, or nearer tending Each in thir several active Spheres assignd, Till body up to spirit work, in bounds Proportioned to each kind.
44) Fermented or Spirituous Liquors Act, SO 1876, c 26, s 1.
The endowment provides critical financial support to students pursuing careers in hospitality management, culinary arts, and spirituous beverage management and marketing.
Two civilians were injured when an IED went off targeting a shop for selling spirituous drinks in central Baghdad," he added.
No person shall erect any tent, booth or stall within the limits of this city, for the purpose of vending any spirituous liquors, beer, mead or cider, or any kind of meat, fish, cakes, or fruit nor to collect in numbers for the purpose of gambling or dancing .
extending their navigations to the Bahama islands and even to Cuba: a crew of these adventurers had just arrived, having returned from Cuba but a few days before our arrival, with a cargo of spirituous liquors, coffee, sugar and tobacco.
I'm not one who yearns for a Bloody Mary - or any spirituous drink - for lunch.