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Synonyms for spiritualize

give a spiritual meaning to

elevate or idealize, in allusion to Christ's transfiguration

purify from the corrupting influences of the world


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She spiritualizes them, and one feels that they are of the same flesh and blood as one's self.
We spiritualize and talk about the attitude of a servant, the humility and focus on others.
This is not to say that Moffett's text is not delightfully uplifting in its attempts to spiritualize the classroom.
In the third stage, Jewish and Christian interpreters spiritualize the poem through allegorical reading.
But it is important for Christians to read this book since they need to check their tendency to spiritualize the people of ancient Israel and their descendants.
So our terms for Clinton's atonement demand that he vow, in advance, that to remain President, he will open a free market of ideas and information to spiritualize and democratize our politics," Peyser announced as people empowering acts of his redemption.