spiritual rebirth

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a spiritual enlightenment causing a person to lead a new life

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Having found a spiritual rebirth, she shares her tale hoping to help others aspire to rise above their addictions.
Most people think of A Christmas Carol as a sentimental story of spiritual rebirth or a ghost story to illustrate a moral purpose of taking care of fellow human beings.
Hirst describes Leade's use of Sophia "as a theological tool which enabled her to express certain concepts such as redemption and spiritual rebirth in which Sophia became the mediator between the human and the divine" (62).
Chapter 1 focuses on the debate within the Polish press on moral reform and spiritual rebirth that immediately followed the coup.
We've seen that turbulent bishop David Jenkins, once God's man in Durham, preach that the Resurrection, the absolute cornerstone of Christianity, wasn't actually a physical return from the dead but a sort of spiritual rebirth.
Well, all such stories are long ones, and just as aspects of one's human birth remain mysterious, so also do aspects of one's spiritual rebirth, perhaps opaque beyond human explanation.
Baha'u'llah's divine mission was to bring about spiritual rebirth and the unity of mankind leading to a permanent world peace and the establishment of God's Kingdom on earth," said Mr.
For Drogba, his spiritual rebirth was sealed with a kiss to two female fans in the Matthew Harding Stand and the striker revealed: "I saw them on Sunday and they had the Ivory Coast flag.
Allow God to implant His redeeming love and know the miracle of spiritual rebirth.
The link between the two epigraphs is the penitent (in Sweeney exemplified by the man who "did a girl in"), who--after committing a sin--has to achieve purgation, which can lead him to rebirth--either a rebirth in society, as in comedies, or spiritual rebirth.
Political regimes have come and gone, and today Mongolia is enjoying a spiritual rebirth.
Fraser charts failed baptisms, or drownings, such as Ulysses' shipwreck, alongside the pilgrim's sequence of successful baptisms as he moves toward a poetic and spiritual rebirth.
The natural is, therefore, juxtaposed to the unnatural, and "the recurring images of conception and birth in the chapel thus imply an allegory of spiritual rebirth, a tale which was presumably resonant in Enrico Scrovegni's life" (208).
This comic depiction of a man's spiritual rebirth shouldn't alienate people who take faith seriously, says Shadyac.
Ingredients that could have been the stuff of generic movie-of-the-week sentimentality are given depth and a more subtle emotional yield in "Aiki," in which an ancient martial arts discipline becomes the path to self-acceptance and spiritual rebirth.