spiritual bouquet

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(Roman Catholic Church) a card indicating that the sender will perform certain devotional acts on behalf of another

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I liked to mix the indulgences up and figured that since they had all been given to us by God or by the Special Order of Immaculate Heart Priests of the Spiritual Bouquet, they might work better if they were used in different and unexpected combinations.
Once, in the middle of one of their arguments, when I should have known better, I asked my mother if she thought that the relic fabric on the holy cards was just tiny pieces left over from the Spiritual Bouquets.
Just looking at those Spiritual Bouquets made you know that the person was way more likely to get into heaven with them than without them.
So I had to content myself with not looking at Spiritual Bouquets and with just fingering and thinking about licking the touched-to-a-relic holy cards.
During the weeks in the hospital, two things brought me special comfort: the mountains of spiritual bouquets -- a gathering of prayers that people promised to say on my behalf -- that I received from classmates and a Christmas box made by my Brownie troop.
Prayers have survived into our more scientific times, but spiritual bouquets have faded.
Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, Benediction, spiritual bouquets, annual spiritual retreats-such practices were intrinsic in the Assumption student's life, instilling in her a devotion to the Divine and to Jesus' mother Mary.
These spiritual bouquets were composed of traditional prayers and aspirations--short, active prayers repeated again and again at free moments.