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When at last I showed him out on the quarter-deck he drew a long, spiritless sigh, and mumbled dismally that he must really be going back to his ship now.
Will got very anxious, she was so quiet, pale and spiritless, and distracted poor Polly by his affectionate stupidity, till she completed his bewilderment by getting cross and scolding him.
The prosecution was spiritless and perfunctory; the defense easily established--with regard to the deceased--an alibi.
For whoever of the deathless gods that hold the peaks of snowy Olympus pours a libation of her water is forsworn, lies breathless until a full year is completed, and never comes near to taste ambrosia and nectar, but lies spiritless and voiceless on a strewn bed: and a heavy trance overshadows him.
In any other place, the appearance of the wretched, jaded, spiritless object would have occasioned a murmur of compassion and remonstrance.
It was the first great wrench of his life, the first gap which the angel Death had made in his circle, and he felt numbed, and beaten down, and spiritless.
After breakfast, about ten o'clock, we were lined upstairs into court, limp and spiritless, the twenty of us.
She was a poor, empty-headed, spiritless woman--what you call a born drudge--and I was now and then not averse to plaguing her by taking Anne away.
Mr Quilp seemed rather puzzled by the strange, even spiritless way in which all this was said; but as the old man nodded his head and repeated 'on Friday morning.
In this connection, he pointed out that " doing away with national identities, circumscribing Islam to the notions of permitted and forbidden and imposing a totalitarian theocratic ideology as a tool of a broad ranging repression result in a globalised, alienated and spiritless Islam.
I stand by my view that our council leaders are neither great nor inspirational, but mediocre, moribund and spiritless.
Here, the ticker is kept ticking by the friction between Fox, characterised by his colleague as a "soulless, spiritless middle manager from the most boring company on the planet", and the older Rebus.
I have never seen a team so spiritless after that (Kevin) Baron goal.
Birds have, indeed, been important images in Ferlinghetti's verse, often suggesting the spirit, so that just after mentioning the erection of the new statue of Saint Francis, he intones: "just off the Avenue / where no birds sang," suggesting spiritless void.
From the only remaining cultural hub in a small town, the Mermaid Cafe, which exists where all others have been shut down by the government and story providing a child's eye perspective on its final demise and its effects on his world and the community at large to a tale of being "alone and helpless in a cold and spiritless house" in 'The Maid', these sagas are first-person reflections of what it means to live in modern Iran, and they adroitly explore the cultural boundaries of its traditions and people.