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quality of being active or spirited or alive and vigorous

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The centre is the outcome of a competition staged by a charitable trust with the aim of recasting and restaging the act of blood donation in a more inviting public domain, so mitigating the fear and repulsion subconsciously associated with such public spiritedness.
The cruelty and mean spiritedness of our legislature and executive knows no bound.
The question is: will Hurricane Run focus his spiritedness to the end of becoming a great racehorse or merely to confound his jockeys?
Today, there appears to be a streak of mean spiritedness in the land that is aimed at old folks that has a Social Darwinian ring.
In a much-needed act of public spiritedness, Toyo Keizai rated major companies and products in terms of their "loyalty dividend," a figure that is determined, rather contortedly, by factoring the overall market share against percentage of devoted customers (however you work that out).
Like Strauss, Rand could win over not only the rational faculties but also the spiritedness of devotees.
While community spiritedness is as much an admirable trait in a corporate executive as in anyone else, some executives believe that giving corporate money away, even to charities, without having a firm objective in mind is to squander that money.
You have more guts and public spiritedness than any managers at National Express who allowed the entire bus service to be cancelled.
Fortunately, because of public spiritedness, you were not successful.
Handy if the rest of us could be encouraged to show similar public spiritedness.
Giving him pounds 250, Judge Peter Ross said it was a fine example of "public spiritedness and bravery".
These security men had been targeted and Mr Parker and Mr Williams showed a high degree of courage and public spiritedness The four of them deserve to be re warded from public funds.
Specifically, he emphasizes various passions capable of reinvigorating the spiritedness needed for the well-being of the community, including a generalized compassion or the sentiment of humanite.
So it's a rosy account, with none of the harsh exposures of hypocrisy and mean spiritedness exposed by her near contemporary Caradog Evans from the Teifi Valley further south.
Judge Nigel Gilmour QC asked prosecutor Philip Boyd to thank the three witnesses for their public spiritedness in reporting their concerns.