spirit away

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Synonyms for spirit away

carry off mysteriously

carry away rapidly and secretly, as if mysteriously

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But chairman Stephen Vaughan, who appointed Curle in April, said: " I am extremely disappointed that a club at our level has the arrogance t o think that they can just breeze in and try to spirit away our manager.
Knowing the company was going under he even tried to spirit away pounds 281,00 worth of stock.
The United States will then have to supplicate UN authorities not to spirit away our men and women in uniform to be tried in foreign lands under foreign laws by foreign judges who will likely be motivated by anti-U.
And while life is depicted as cheap and desperately hardscrabble, it's not too tough: A future episode centers on a wispy blonde who can spirit away a king's ransom worth of precious gasoline and a hardy sailing vessel (and choose Jeremiah worthy of her final erotic tryst with mankind).
GHOST-TOUR bosses have been hit by modern-day bodysnatchers as rivals spirit away their customers.