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Synonyms for spirillum

spirally twisted elongate rodlike bacteria usually living in stagnant water

any flagellated aerobic bacteria having a spirally twisted rodlike form

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2]S - - - production SK08 SK09 SK10 Cultural Transparent, White, non- Transparent, mucoid, mucoid, mucoid, entire, large, entire, small entire, large dew drop like dew drop like Shape Rods Spirillum Rods Motility Motile Motile Motile Metachromatic + + + Catalase test + + + Oxidase test + + + Methyl red test - Nitrate reduction + + - Nitrite reduction + + - Citrate utilisation - + (W) + Gelatin liquefaction - Urease production + + + Starch hydrolysis + TSI agar (48 h) Ac slant, Ac slant, No change Al butt Al butt [H.
Em 1975 Dobereiner & Day descobriram a capacidade de FBN no genero Spirillum posteriormente nomeado para Azospirillum (Tarrand et al.
Rat bite fever is an infectious bacterial disease caused by Streptobacillus moniliformis Levaditi, Nicolau, and Poincloux (Fusobacterales: Fusobacteriaceae) and Spirillum minus Carter (Spirochaetales: Spirillaceae) and transmitted mostly through bites and scratches from rats and mice.
Although Borrel did not work extensively with spirochetes, he published several articles on Spirillum (now Borrelia) gallinarum.
2003) Polychaetes Spirorbis larvae 15 min < 500 m Dirnberger spirillum (E) (1993) Terebrasabella crawling 12 h 15 m Kuris and heterouncinata larvae Culver (I) (1999): Culver and Kuris (2000) Marenzelleria larvae 8 weeks 55 64 km Boudouresque viridis (I) (1994); Bochert (1997) Crustaceans Paralithodes larvae 90 days 32 km Kuzrnin et camtschaticus al.
Methods for growing Spirillum lipoferum and for counting it inpure culture and in associationwith plants.
Rat-bite fever is a disease caused by two different bacteria, Streptobacillus moniliformis and Spirillum minus, and may actually be two zoonotic diseases rather than one.