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Assessment of coronary artery abnormalities by multislice spiral computed tomography in adolescents and young adults with Kawasaki disease.
Management of dens invaginatus diagnosed by spiral computed tomography : a case report.
Detection of coronary artery stenoses with thin-slice multi-detector row spiral computed tomography and multiplanar reconstruction.
Multisection spiral computed tomography was performed (Light Speed Pro 16, General Electrics, USA) of the area from infraorbital region to the base of mandible.
Radiograph and spiral computed tomography (CT) of the chest revealed multiple, random nodules throughout the both lungs.
Reliable noninvasive coronary angiography with fast submillimeter multislice spiral computed tomography.
Although spiral computed tomography (CT) is being used increasingly as the first-line imaging procedure in the diagnostic workup of patients with clinically suspected pulmonary embolism (PE), the diagnostic value of negative findings, at least when using the four-detector row scanners, is still controversial.
AMIL is a multidisciplinary team dedicated to research, education and the advancement of patient care using medical imaging, with a focus on spiral computed tomography and 3-D imaging.
A new study suggests that screening smokers yearly with low-dose spiral computed tomography (CT) scans can detect lung cancer at an early, curable stage.
Spiral computed tomography (CT) imaging is today's gold standard for lung cancer detection, able to identify tumors less than 1 cm in diameter.
These services include urodynamics for diagnosis of incontinence, ultrasound-guided biopsy for diagnosis of prostate cancer and the latest in imaging capabilities, including spiral computed tomography (CT).
SAN DIEGO -- Spiral computed tomography performs as well as MRI in staging cervical cancer before surgery, Dr.
CHICAGO -- Three-dimensional spiral computed tomography scanning can now be used to image any part of the body in mere seconds, peering inside organs and tissues to reveal varices within the stomach or soft plaques within the coronary arteries.
A technique called spiral computed tomography (CT) scanning allowed the researchers to study exact shape changes and correlate them with parameters for a precise prosthetic fit.
Spiral computed tomography arteriography (SCTA), a recent modification of spiral CT, permits the reconstruction of vascular structures in three dimensions.