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a breathing orifice

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Tegument entirely corrugated, with several small tubercles, including basilars on basis of wings, near ocular area, and associated with abdominal spiracles in subspiracular position.
No, he breathes through his spiracle alone; and this is on the top of his head.
Not only is it the first film he has shot in America since Spiracle in 1966 (and he also previously filmed a Flemish triptych in Boston's Museum of Fine Arts--footage that would appear in The Painting [1972/1999]), he made Pitcher without the rhythmic imposition of framing masks (a stylistic innovation of his early films) or sudden panning movements and twistings of the lens turret (typical of his middle period).
A huge flattened head, dorsoventrally compressed body, small eyes without eyelids, and spiracle gill slits all demonstrate its prehistoric attributes.
recently announced that the California Air Resources Board (ARB) has verified the company's diesel multi-stage filter (DMF) muffler system with or without the Donaldson Spiracle crankcase filter system for 1991 to 2002 model year diesel engines used in on-road applications operating on ultra-low-sulfur diesel.
In some rays the rate of spiracle contractions was episodically recorded.
In normal metamorphosing Xenopus laevis (with a spiracle on the left and right sides), right forelimbs emerged first approximately 50% of the time.
technical, concept, information, specific, observation, spiracle, sustenance, fluid.
Distance between the posterior spiracles about twice the width of a spiracle.
Anterior spiracle with 6-7 rudimentary papillae more or less carved on segment II (Fig.
Basically it's a be e's wings and part of its breathing apparatus, called spiracle s, whi ch contribute to the buzzing sound.
The presence of only 2 lateral spines per spiracle indicated H.
At seventeen, Robert Beavers completed Spiracle (1966), which he showed a year later at the Experimental Film Competition in Knokke-le-Zoute, Belgium.