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a breathing orifice

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2a-2b), other differences that existed between these two morphotypes were the spiracle form and size, in eyeless individuals spiracle is rounded and slightly dorsoventrally depressed, whereas in the regular individuals spiracle is like a rectangle and relatively bigger than in eyeless morphotypes (Figs.
However, with moderately high ultrasound, a small auditory spiracle might be sufficient (Fernando Montealegre-Z.
7 % of body length), dorsal, not protuberant; nostril opening ovoid, not prominent, anterolaterally directed, located slightly closer to eye than to tip of snout; spiracle sinistral, angled 45 degrees with respect to horizontal plane of body; opening of spiracle located at midline of body, slightly closer to end of body than to tip of snout; inner wall of spiracle free from body (Altig and McDiarmid, 1999; Fig.
Thorax: Anepisternum and dorsum densely setose; anepisternum with anterior spiracle present; anepimeron triangular without additional sclerite; laterotergite bare around margins; katepisternum and katepimeron bare; pronotum setose; metathoracal spiracle densely setose; coxae with longitudinal row of setae; legs missing.
Spiracle on A1 located ventrad and cephalad, whereas that of A2 is aligned with the remaining spiracles and located at center of segment in lateral view.
4C) on ventral surface of head at about level of spiracle; lower side of head, below and slightly posterior to spiracle with 2-3 large, irregular dark spots; relatively few (< 10) large (smaller than eye, Fig.
Each posterior spiracle consists of two elongated slots oriented vertically with openings arranged radially (Fig.
11); propodeum with posterior transverse carina complete, strong and sinuous, anterior transverse carina complete and strong, lateral and lateromedian longitudinal carinae present from anterior margin to spiracle level, then with small vestiges (Fig.
Donaldson recently introduced two new plastic Spiracle crankcase filtration systems models.
5 mm and in a few minutes it will penetrate the host's skin, getting positioned in such a way that their respiratory caudal spiracle stays out of the host and its anterior spiracle stays inside the host to promote its feeding.
Anterior clypeal margin with median concavity Mesonotum in profile shallowly convex anteriorly and with a steeply sloping declivitous face that extends down to the tuberculiform metathoracic spiracle.
Not only is it the first film he has shot in America since Spiracle in 1966 (and he also previously filmed a Flemish triptych in Boston's Museum of Fine Arts--footage that would appear in The Painting [1972/1999]), he made Pitcher without the rhythmic imposition of framing masks (a stylistic innovation of his early films) or sudden panning movements and twistings of the lens turret (typical of his middle period).
Another eight Blue Bird TC 2000 school buses were installed with a combination of the catalyst with a Spiracle Closed Crankcase Ventilation (DOC/CCV) filtration system which includes a replaceable two-stage filter.
recently announced that the California Air Resources Board (ARB) has verified the company's diesel multi-stage filter (DMF) muffler system with or without the Donaldson Spiracle crankcase filter system for 1991 to 2002 model year diesel engines used in on-road applications operating on ultra-low-sulfur diesel.
In some rays the rate of spiracle contractions was episodically recorded.