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the state of being a spinster (usually an elderly unmarried woman)

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From the outset, Austen consciously evokes the conventions of spinsterhood in describing Anne and, in doing so, challenges the stigma against old maids.
Sultan Al Nadeeb, 30, from Ras Al Khaimah, told 7DAYS the solution for "the critical spinsterhood problem in the UAE can only be solved if men marry more women".
However, several Saudi women have refused to categorise spinsterhood as a dangerous phenomenon, explaining that many women preferred to remain unmarried by choice.
With the same sensitivity that characterized House of Sand and Fog, Dubus creates portraits of an adulterous wife and the man she cheated with, a woman nearing spinsterhood who tries but fails to have a satisfying relationship, and a teenage girl who regrets an act of intimacy gone public.
Finding the ring meant marriage within the year, while the sixpence meant wealth, and the thimble/button spinsterhood or bachelorhood.
These included spinsterhood, early marriage of girls, widespread violence, drug abuse, dropouts from school, street children and child labour, according to the study.
Despite being told of the sex ban, the woman begged Mr Justice Holman not to annul their marriage - being a Sikh, she said it would be "culturally impossible" to take a new partner and would be consigned to spinsterhood, as well as facing ostracism in her community.
Spinsterhood is like a ghost haunting every Egyptian family that has daughters, so many families resort to arranged or 'salon marriages', so their girls will not be labelled as 'spinsters'.
Among my 20-something female friends, a taboo on favoring relationships over career goals coexists with a (barely whispered) fear of spinsterhood.
And this programme has not come a day too soon as the institution of marriage faces threat from high cost of marriage, rising incidence of divorce in the first year of marriage, increase in the rate of spinsterhood and late age of marriage for girls," al Kuwari added.
Jane Austen, who herself knew the misery of an impoverished spinsterhood, would have thought her a simpleton had she sacrificed comfort and security for love - and it seems the modern reader agrees with her.
The standard Judeo-Christian rebuttal is that as terrible as the law seems to modern Westerners, the law was progressive for its time: it was the best remedy that could be managed in a culture where a rape victim would face a life of spinsterhood, ostracism, and destitution.
Downton Abbey (ITV1 9pm) Lady Edith settles into her mantle of spinsterhood like the martyr she is, but decides to protest at the limits of women's suffrage by penning a letter to The Times.
He has an uncanny intuition in choosing the right actor for the right role, although it takes a stretch of the imagination to think that Earls' glowing Lenny should be worried about a life of eternal spinsterhood.
The high cost of marriage made many young men stop thinking of getting married and increased spinsterhood rates among Yemeni women," Nasser said.