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a small domestic spinning machine with a single spindle that is driven by hand or foot

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It is after more than six decades of independence that the KVIC thought of the dual use of the spinning wheel.
The collection chronicles the development of the spinning wheel from the great wheel and small treadle wheels used in cottages and farmhouses to more advanced wheels from the Industrial Revolution.
If you have an old wheel, the book The Care and Feeding of Spinning Wheels can help you.
While Dickey and other singers spun musical yarns, a group of women sat on the wooden decks of old movie sets and spun the real thing from dyed wool on wooden spinning wheels.
Now, six years into retirement,Jim even has his own spinning wheels - that he has made himself.
For more information on spinning and spinning wheels, send a large SASE to Maryanne Ladensack at Promenade, 1850 Knepp Rd.
With design cues taken from Davin's signature Revolution line, Streetspin offers "affordable luxury" for auto enthusiasts who want authentic spinning wheels, rather than spinning attachments.
People think of art as something to hang on walls, or sculpt on pedestals,'' said Bingham, who with Jarchow uses old-style hand looms and spinning wheels to create elaborately designed scarves, tapestries, capes, blankets, stoles and handbags.
Davin is synonymous with the best in spinning wheels, so we wanted our 2004 collection to truly break with convention," said Ian Hardman, CEO, Davin Wheel Company.
Under a wooden porch bearing the sign ``Hong Kee Washing and Ironing,'' two women in bonnets and skirts spun flax on spinning wheels as an older man skillfully manipulated a loom.
And then there were those beloved sparklers, spinning wheels, smoking snakes and, of course, Piccolo Petes.