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a small domestic spinning machine with a single spindle that is driven by hand or foot

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It is after more than six decades of independence that the KVIC thought of the dual use of the spinning wheel.
The same processes done by the hand-operated loom, spinning wheel and needle are carried out today in computerized factories.
Do not wear loose long sleeves and keep your fingers and hair away from the spinning wheels.
I have two spinning wheels and wash, card, spin, knit, and crochet our wool.
A primary objective in Spinning Wheels is to develop a political-institutional explanation for why urban school reform has frequently disappointed, and why these disappointments have not produced material changes in the practice of reform.
Some lack conviction, despite having money; the effort is merely spinning wheels with no forward motion.
The true aficionado never felt comfortable surrounded by plastic spinning wheels and plaster cast donkeys peering through the door.
It begins with an explanation of a spinning wheel and how it works, and moves on to the single-drive band, double-drive band and bobbin-lead spinning wheels.
The real Wizard--an amiable, bookish man--is hidden behind a nearby curtain, frantically spinning wheels and pushing buttons on a control board.
Today much of the effort around searching, retrieving, analyzing and sharing information involves spinning wheels and wasting time," said Craig Barnes, CEO of Attensa.