spinning rod

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a fishing rod designed for casting a spinning lure

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When I was a kid, I'd do this all the time," Linklater said while pedaling a bike with felt-soled wading boots on his feet and a spinning rod clutched atop the handlebars.
I caught the beauty with a spinning rod using a black Flying C.
Among the baffling array of hardware on the back seat was a small spinning rod.
Enough was enough and I assembled a spinning rod tackled up with pike trace and large minnow spinner.
A 4- or 6-pound spinning rod with a foot or two of 12-pound fluorocarbon leader is more than adequate and gives even a reserved sheepshead an opportunity to give you a run for your money.
A salmon spinning rod, multiplier reel or fixed spool reel will be perfectly adequate for pike fishing.
Quayle, using a light spinning rod with 20lb braid which gave excellent bite detection, and using frozen runny down and mackerel for bait, eventually lost count of how many fish he caught and released, his best going 42.
Fishing enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy the finest trout fishery in the MidSouth with plenty of fast running water for fly-fishing and spinning rod.
He scored 57 per cent of the UK record with a fine 3lb 2oz flounder, caught in the mouth of the River Ogmore on a 6ft spinning rod and 8lb line, and baiting with ever-popular ragworm.
Further up the healthy chain come human fishers, either wading or drifting to try their luck with a fly line or spinning rod.
As the season progresses, he will pick up a spinning rod and take his share of keepers on poppers and other lures.
GORDON HALL of Low Fell won the Ron Thompson spinning rod and reel valued at pounds 30 when he correctly answered that the species of shark reportedly sighted off the south coast of England was a great white.
He had bought a light spinning rod and 5lb line from his local Abertillery Guns and Tackle shop to give fishing a try-and his first fish was a cod that weighed 13lb 2oz.
A freshwater spinning rod and reel with 10-pound-test line is used for making bait.
These included mazes, walking a narrow plank, and balancing on a spinning rod.