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She rushed excitedly into the field they were about to cross, and flinging herself flat on her back upon the grass, began to wipe her gown as well as she could by spinning horizontally on the herbage and dragging herself over it upon her elbows.
The current had turned at right angles, sweeping round along with it the tall schooner and the little dancing coracle; ever quickening, ever bubbling higher, ever muttering louder, it went spinning through the narrows for the open sea.
In the SpinCenter in Winterthur, the complete Rieter spinning process line is available, including the four current spinning technologies such as the G 35 ring spinning machine, the K 45 compact spinning machine and now also the R 60 rotor spinning machine as well as the new J 20 air-jet spinning machine.
1 : to turn or cause to turn round and round rapidly : twirl <He fell after spinning in circles.
Consistent with current spin resistance design criteria, we should add that spinning also requires a rate of change in bank or heading in excess of 90 degrees per second.
Measurements of spin provide a critical new test of Einstein's general theory of relativity, which predicts that spinning black holes drag space-time along with them.
After the Industrial revolution (1764-1784) Mule Spinning gained attention throughout the world.
In example after example (this book is a catalog of spin anecdotes) the results of spinning are often far from benign.
The Spin Sweep has always been a big single-wing play and it works just as well from our Gun, especially with the QB spinning and diving into the off-tackle hole to freeze the linebackers (Diag 5).
Spinning means describing a reality that suits your purposes.
Spinning is an act of disorientation, and through that disorientation, control.
Gayle Pinkston loves the gossamer texture of cotton tufts as they are pulled through her hand by a spinning wheel.
Wartime, then, brought conditions conducive to change in the Irish linen industry, both in the composition of its gendered wor force, and in the application of new technologies to spinning flax and weaving linen.
MDA systematically enforces its rights through cease-and-desist letters and public awareness initiatives including advertisements, direct mailings, fitness club displays and events including its annual World Spinning and Sports Conference.
In 1934, Anton Formhals patented a spinning technology that produced synthetic fibers with the aid of an electric field.