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a small and compactly built upright piano

early model harpsichord with only one string per note

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It was the first public sighting of the spinet since it appeared in the 1885 International Inventions Exhibition at the Albert Hall in London as a curiosity.
Margaret later would remember that it was the spinet that took the plunge.
She donated the grand piano she'd had in her South Street home to Faith Baptist Church, and kept a small spinet piano in her new, smaller home in Worcester.
The music room houses instruments which Bach would have used - a chamber organ, spinet, clavichord and harpsichord - and there are daily concerts by trained musicians.
Different colors in turn have different type of gemstone beads, for instance, yellow gemstone beads are citrine, topaz and diamond; red gemstone beads could be coral, spinet, ruby or garnet; pink gemstones could include sapphire or Tourmaline; Green gemstone could include peridot, emerald, sapphire or jade.
We decided to focus on a talk about particular instruments that people are not used to seeing or hearing, including the Oud, saz, shamizen, bagpipes, orgues de barbarie, spinet, ondes Martenot, electronic and 'toy' instruments.
Paul Hoare, 40, whose dad Richard owns the tankard, took it to the experts and said: "My grandfather used to keep it on top of a spinet piano in his dining room.
there were reconstructions of the legendary equipment pieces Man Walking Down the Side of a Building, 1970, and Walking on the Wall, 1971, together with Floor of the forest, 1970, Leaning Duets, 1970, and II, 1971, and Spinet, 1974; the mathematical pieces Accumulation, Group Primary Accumulation.
His attention to the history of the Early Music movement, beginning at the end of the nineteenth century in Germany and Austria, is embedded in chapter 6, "Strings," at the end of his description of stringed keyboards, including those that are rubbed, such as the organistrum, those played by touching, such as the clavichord, and the thorny terminology connected to those played by plucking (harpsichord, virginal and its Flemish form, the muselaar, and the spinet among others), and "Hitting, or More Politely Hammering" (pianos).
The terms "spinet" and "virginal" are often used interchangeably, yet they denote two different instruments; the virginal is strung parallel to the keyboard and therefore has a rectangular case, the spinet is strung diagonally, allowing for longer strings and a more resonant tone, which is further enhanced by its triangular or wing-shaped case.
Is there any demand for tapestry makers and spinet players on Merseyside, perchance?
YESTERDAY'S CRYPTIC SOLUTIONS ACROSS: 1, Potter 7, Use-fully 8, Mars 10, Spinet 11, Peru-SE 14, Ned 16, Comes 17, Ne-X-t 19, Nasty 21, Pa-ris 22, Caper 23, Meet 26, Sat-an 28, Car 29, Pre-TT-y 30, Canary 31, Opus 32, Cornered 33, Enlist.
Gulbranson upright, the other on her Wurlitzer spinet, Leola performed
53) The furniture was unremarkable: a desk and chair; a spinet and stool, an ottoman.
Harry is appalled when chaser Alicia Spinet is killed during Quidditch practice.