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a small and compactly built upright piano

early model harpsichord with only one string per note

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Claims pros should know that "upright" or vertical pianos are classified by the height of the sound board and further segregated by upright, studio, console and spinet (from tall to short.
In three panels labeled 1932, 2014, and 1993, three young dancers twirl or pose; the surrounding two-page spread shows a girl at a spinet in 1964.
This half of the volume includes a more diverse assortment of instruments: two organs, four harpsichords, two clavichords, a spinet, and fourteen pianos by some of the most distinguished builders in the history of the instrument.
Furniture Eyre brought with her included a clock, table, bureau, and footstool, but she acquired "a great chair," a tent stand for fashionable embroidery, a chimney board to screen the fireplace in the summer, a bird cage, a spinet, and trays for quadrille, and with utter feminine predictability she spent 1.
There was a spinet in the house; I was pretty obsessive about certain records, we had a kind of'100 Great Hits of Classical Music' album, and I have a vivid memory of sitting by the stereo and playing it over and over again, so I was attracted to music pretty intensely, and I think it was also my teachers who said that I needed some extracurricular stimulation, otherwise I was going to drive them insane.
Fiona Grant, who lives in Morpeth, had put a spinet - a forerunner of the upright piano - up for sale with Newcastle auctioneers Anderson & Garland.
West, do you think we could roll the little spinet piano into my sitting room just for tonight?
The book begins, however paradoxically, with a visual gesture: a stunning photograph of the Roger Fry/Arnold Dolmetsch spinet housed in The Courtauld Gallery, London.
FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Tucking into lunch are (from left) Yvonne Pollard, Rhionna Loonam, Shaun McManus and Tom Hughes (tmc181113history_lunch) | ALTOGETHER NOW: Singing 17th century style with music teacher Mrs June Szygula at the spinet (tmc181113histor y2) | THINKING ABOUT IT: Getting to grips with a quill is five-year-old Leo Law (tmc181113histor y1) | DOLLY DELIGHTS: Jennifer Brooks shows knitted dolls and other items as skilful knitting helped to raise church funds.
A 22-caliber pistol on the couch pointed towards the brown spinet piano across the room.
We'd drape the "main stage curtain" over the clothesline and get ready to accompany our exuberant show tunes on the baby grand or the spinet or on one of the uprights.
By contrast, in its Musical Instruments sale in May, Bonhams offered a beautifully made, elaborately decorated bentside spinet (c.
She donated the grand piano she'd had in her South Street home to Faith Baptist Church, and kept a small spinet piano in her new, smaller home in Worcester.
Different colors in turn have different type of gemstone beads, for instance, yellow gemstone beads are citrine, topaz and diamond; red gemstone beads could be coral, spinet, ruby or garnet; pink gemstones could include sapphire or Tourmaline; Green gemstone could include peridot, emerald, sapphire or jade.