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the quality of lacking a strong character

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43) The spinelessness of the cowardly cur could also function as invective since it ridicules Horace's counterpart for his lack of bravery.
The corruption of high society, the spinelessness of the emperor, and the depravity of Rasputin became first the talk of the salons, the ministerial halls, and the public at large, and then ended up being denounced from the tribune of the Duma and in the press.
Enough is enough - we've put up with spinelessness and compromise from our leaders for far too long.
Instead, they show submissiveness, spinelessness, lack of punctuality, and many other factors which prevent them from becoming political activists," he said in the film.
Beginning with that year, Packer tells the story of our time--a story of the treachery of Wall Street, the spinelessness of government officials, and the ruthless disenfranchisement of the middle and lower classes--through individual tales.
Shared omnipresence notwithstanding, Zelig isn't the best pop-cultural exemplar of Lenzner, who evidences none of the agreeable spinelessness of Allen's character.
40) Or as he wrote to Moody: "I had a principle to protect, and I had to protest against the spinelessness of the typical coloured Jamaicans who apparently were only waiting for crumbs that may yet fall from their masters' tables.
Tiger Mom is briefly rebuked by Dad, who is immediately batted away for his spinelessness.
Today, it''s our turn to bear the cross of austerity, thanks to the mob from the investment banks and spinelessness of governments.
His spinelessness must be blamed on his own character, not on the decadence of a fallen dynasty.
It is a clear case of war crime against US combat ready soldiers who stand implicated in disgracing the dead bodies with spinelessness.
The United States now faces a year-long wrangle over tax and spending, if it is to avoid triggering large automatic cuts which will come as a much greater shock to voters, one imagines, than the spinelessness of their elected representatives.
The implication in one scene, during her final Cabinet meeting, is that she is going mad, and berates everyone, especially her longest-serving minister Geoffrey Howe, for their spinelessness in giving in to poll tax protesters.
His young, innocent mind is yet to comprehend the father's self-centeredness, spinelessness and indifference.
Spinelessness, it seems, is the tragic flaw both in his art and his marriage; for decades, he has leaned on Luz and her single-minded, jealous love to retreat into the domain of the mind.