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Synonyms for spineless

Synonyms for spineless

weak in willpower, courage or vitality

lacking a backbone or spinal column

lacking spiny processes


lacking thorns


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I repeat, yet again, would the Lib Dems if, heaven forbid, they had any future input into any political decisions on the EU spinelessly accept those aforementioned firms repatriating back to Europe without us warning the EU we would not accept imports of goods from Germany, ie.
The worst offenders will already feel they have escaped tough action because the Government has spinelessly failed to cap interest rates which, in some cases, may top an indefensible 4,000%.
The Beeb does not look "impartial" in this, it looks spinelessly pro-Israel, afraid to air an appeal to help the homeless of Gaza for fear this might offend the very people who made them homeless in the first place.
Cynicism aside for a moment, the reason the Olympics have struck a chord is that the last few days have been an antidote to so much that we spinelessly simper approval of in our day-to-day diet of major sports.
Anything less than unequivocal support for the NEC bid will be seen as spinelessly selling the region short.
They already detest us because they still see it as our fault that they spinelessly capitulated at Stamford Bridge in 1998 while Gareth Farrelly was making history with his right foot at Goodison.
And all the time the media spinelessly allows ranting gaffers the platform to spout their ridiculously biased views as if they are gospel.
The ICC, under chairmanship Ehsan Mani (left) and chief executive Malcolm Speed, "wobbles spinelessly when faced with each crisis"
BEST PRESS CONFERENCE - Nigel Wor-thington, after his Norwich City side played so spinelessly against Wolves.
ANOTHER Thursday, but not another outpouring of vitriol in the direction of those managers who have unjustly slated refs, those bookies who have spinelessly failed to hold a stand-out price and other assorted wrong 'uns.
Every office and profession in the land is stuffed with folk clanking for a change of air, but we sit spinelessly in the security of our jobs until the optimum time to jump has passed.