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Synonyms for spineless

Synonyms for spineless

weak in willpower, courage or vitality

lacking a backbone or spinal column

lacking spiny processes


lacking thorns


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The contrasts were: I--All treatments versus control; II--Spineless cactus without urea versus spineless cactus with urea; III Linear effect in urea levels; IV--Quadratic effect in urea levels.
Prof Eric Cross, Dean of Cultural Affairs at Newcastle University added: "The Spineless exhibition provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the wealth of invertebrate specimens in the Great North Museum: Hancock's collections.
Now we see similar spineless comments by the African Confederation and South Africa regarding Zimbabwe.
The editorial compromises that the publishers must make to sell their product to the big states have rendered the books toothless, spineless, and boring.
Two new, spineless paperback, easy reader picturebooks from Richard C.
William Gillespie, editor and publisher of Spineless Books, corrects my analysis of the prizewinning book in the constrained writing contest reported in the August Kickshaws:
It's not like nobody tries to wake up the aggravatingly spineless hero, whom the director often has addressing the camera like a navel-gazer out of a Woody Allen movie.
But although we feel positive about the passage of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act, we feel much less so about the fact that it provided an all-too-easy way for a number of spineless politicians to win a "pro-life" label.
Okay, so I've had a lucky run of forecasts for the last month, but are Coral so spineless that as soon as a person gets in front, up comes the bar?
Winston, her spineless husband, their two sons, and teenaged twins, Ava and Ana, consume Lita's life.
Many of today's parents are not aware of the reasons why religious education textbooks approved by the bishops for Catholic schools remain weak, unsatisfactory, and even spineless.
Jaki's essay, more than twice as long as any other, is amazingly critical of a wide cross section of major intellectual figures and institutions: Neils Bohr is described as "pathetic" (71); Laplace was a "consummate chameleon" (73); Herbert Spencer "spun philosophical fairy tales" (74); Luther and Calvin were "mystery mongers" (79); Nehru made a "laughing stock of himself" (79); modern universities breed "a subspecies best called spineless vertebrates" (87).
Their uncle Menelaus is too spineless to defend them, and they plot to kill Menelaus' wife, Helen, and to abduct her innocent daughter.
Find out Friday, October 15th when The Seattle Aquarium opens its premier spineless creature feature -- the new Giant Pacific Octopus Exhibit -- starring Dark Avenger, an octopus with the potential of becoming the largest ever seen in captivity.
The spineless cactus occupies a prominent position due to its productivity, nutritional value and distribution in the Brazilian semi-arid.