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tapering at each end

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Histopathological features were as follows: the surface epithelium displayed a normal maturation pattern and a well-delineated tumor constituting of spindle-shaped smooth muscle cells.
2) The OM exhibits abundant extracellular production of ground substance and thin fibrils by the delicate spindle-shaped cells.
Pathologic evaluation of the ultrasound-guided core biopsy showed a nodular proliferation of uniform, bland ovoid to spindle-shaped cells separated by prominent adipose tissue and hyalinized collagen bundles, with no significant atypia or mitotic activity (Figure 3).
It could be: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA), an autoimmune disease which causes joint problems - classically in the second joint - leading to spindle-shaped swelling.
A 4 mm biopsy of a skin nodule on his trunk revealed an atrophic epidermis and a grenz zone below the epidermis with a nodular infiltrate located mostly in the mid dermis, but extending until the subcutis and composed mainly by a spindle-shaped histiocytes arranged in a storiform pattern.
Aspiration cytology of the mass revealed loosely cohesive clusters of spindle-shaped cells with oval hyperchromatic nuclei and pulled out cytoplasmic strands [Figure 2].
Histopathology report showed spindle-shaped smooth muscle cells in interlacing bundles and whorls.
Fibroblasts were spindle-shaped (a) and positive for immunofluorescence staining of vimentin (b) and negative for cytokeratin 15 (c).
Microscopically, the tumor in the left upper lobe of the lung was composed of nests of round to spindle-shaped cells, which presented in a focal whorl pattern (Figure 2).
Malignant IMT, defined as histologic transformation of spindle-shaped cells to atypical polygonal cells with atypical mitoses in the setting of classic IMT immunohistochemistry profiles (i.
Microscopic examination of haematoxyline-eosin stained sections showed proliferation of spindle-shaped cells with normochromic elongated to oval shape nuclei and eosinophilic cytoplasm arranged in whorl and microtrabecular pattern and also fascicles.
Interlacing bundles of collagen and spindle-shaped, angulated or stellate fibroblasts were seen.
Many sections were examined and showed solid proliferation of oval to spindle-shaped cells, interspersed by staghorn-type vascular spaces, lined by endothelial cells.
Histologic examination of the tumour showed spindle-shaped cells arranged in short fascicles with abundant thick bundles of hyalinized collagen.
Histopathology showed spindle-shaped cells arranged in characteristic Verocay bodies (Figure 1).