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Synonyms for spindle


Synonyms for spindle

(biology) tiny fibers that are seen in cell division

a piece of wood that has been turned on a lathe

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any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating parts

a stick or pin used to twist the yarn in spinning

any holding device consisting of a rigid, sharp-pointed object


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I have a lovely spindle bush which is just starting to colour up for autumn.
To avoid disappointment during this difficult season, find room in a sunny border or large pot for the reliable and easy to grow spindle bush, Euonymus alatus.
If you want stunning autumn colour, then look no further than the spindle bush (pictured left), a shrub which grows to around 6ft and produces brilliant red foliage before its leaves drop.
Look out for euonymus alatus, the spindle bush, a world away from the compact, variegated evergreen forms we use for shady gardens and winter hanging baskets.