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Synonyms for spindle


Synonyms for spindle

(biology) tiny fibers that are seen in cell division

a piece of wood that has been turned on a lathe

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any of various rotating shafts that serve as axes for larger rotating parts

a stick or pin used to twist the yarn in spinning

any holding device consisting of a rigid, sharp-pointed object


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In response to this challenge, NSK improved its grease sealing method and optimized the inner structure of the spindle to achieve ultra-high speeds (dmn200 x 104 above) using grease lubrication.
The spindle features ceramic ball bearings and an ultra-precise collet system: the AA-grade Mega Micro Collet guarantees 1-micron runout at the collet nose and 0.
More structured materials will need more time because the spindle applies shear that influences the reading.
The extent (focal/diffuse) and intensity (weak/moderate/strong) of positive staining within the stromal spindle cells of the benign sclerosing lesions and biopsy site were evaluated.
Based on their observations, the team derived a simple mathematical model describing the relationship between the size and shape of the spindle apparatus and the density and amount of microtubules.
Lower the spindle until the straight edge almost touches the tabletop.
Continue to fit the rest of your spindles using the 100mm spacers, making sure to use plenty of glue on the top and bottom of the spindle and the underside of each spacer.
The output signal from the displacement sensors measures the geometric form error induced by spindle radial runout, angular swing and axial shifting.
New designs of spindles used in machine tools are required to show high rigidity of mechanical characteristics, which is a function of rotational speed of motor shaft and the torque on the spindle.
The new 6000 rpm/46-kW tilt-spindle joins an all-around 10,000 rpm/ 56-kW (75-hp) spindle, high-speed 24,000 rpm spindle, high-torque 2600 Nm/80-kW (1918 ft lb) spindle and two live spindles (110 or 130 mm diameter).
com)-- New technology, constant high speed air turbine spindles for machine tools and robotics applications are now available in the UK and Ireland.
Two spindle units meet in axial alignment within the shell assembly throughbore and retain the shell segments in an expanded configuration forming a toroidal tire building surface.
Extensive studies of meiotic spindle motility in mouse oocytes have revealed a detailed series of movements during meiotic asymmetric divisions: during first meiotic division, the MI spindle forms initially at the center of the oocyte and migrates toward the periphery; the first polar body (PB1) is extruded after microtubule-cortex attachment (Maro et al.
Reconditioning can usually be done more than once depending on the amount of wear or damage to the bearing or machine tool spindle.
The multi-axis machines include dual wound spindle motors featuring 30hp (22kW) on the main spindle and 20hp (15kW) on the sub spindle 10hp (7.