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the canal in successive vertebrae through which the spinal cord passes

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20) Athletes may also have a developmental narrowing of the spinal canal.
Its advantage is that it decompresses the nerve roots by expanding the cross-sectional area of the spinal canal without compromising the spinal stability.
There was loss of normal caudal widening of the lumbar interpedicular distance without any signs of major spinal canal stenosis.
People with central canal stenosis also have what is called the shopping cart sign--they feel better leaning forward on a shopping cart because pitching forward opens the spinal canal and takes the pressure off the nerves, so they have less pain in that position.
The inclusion criteria included: (1) Neurogenic intermittent claudication; (2) narrowed lumbar spinal canal, nerve root canal or intervertebral foramen confirmed by MRI; (3) the patients with ability to communicate and cooperate with medical workers;12 (4) to facilitate the study, only patients with L4 stenosis were included.
Key imaging features and aetiologies of pathological Key imaging features: * Loss of vertebral height on AP and lateral views involving both anterior and posterior vertebral body wall * Interpediculate widening * Possible retropulsion of vertebral body into spinal canal Aetiologies: metastatic carcinoma, multiple myeloma, Langerhan histiocytosis
Disc herniations, bony hypertrophy, and ligamentous changes can compromise the spinal canal and cause stenosis in predictable locations (Figure 5).
Patients with spinal stenosis or degenerative spondylolisthesis have narrowing of or pressure on the spinal canal, causing back pain, leg pain, and other symptoms.
Ms Hampson was diagnosed in 2011 and her condition causes the lowest part of the back of the brain to extend into the spinal canal.
THE mother of the 16-year-old Nursery Road victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, revealed surgeons had said that her son was lucky to have escaped paralysis after bullet fragments were found lodged in the spinal canal.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed an epidural hematoma in the dorsal region of spinal canal from C6-T2 levels (heterogeneously hyperintense on T2 [Figure 1A and 1C] and homogenously isointense on T1 [Figure 1B and 1D]).
The pathogenesis of the disorder is unknown-probable causes suggest that an imbalanced growth between the patient's vertebral column and spinal canal contents.
The Release System consists of plates and screws that secure the opened lamina to the lateral mass at each affected level, maintaining expansion of the spinal canal.
They have been documented in small and exotic companion animals, including birds; however, this is the first report of an infiltrative lipoma in the spinal canal of a bird or free-living wild animal.